15 Best Beard Brush Products for Men

Here's the complete guide to find the best beard brush and make your beard look extraordinary.

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Gorgeous beard always considered to be a symbol of man’s wisdom and power. If you one of those, who have a beard, you must understand, that it is not that easy to take care of the beard. However, you should take care of it, because it is the way to make a positive impression on your people around you. You don’t have to do much, just pick your best beard brush and you’re set to go!

ImageNamePrice RangeOur Rating
Smoot viking beard brush.Smooth Viking Beard Brush For men$$4.7
Zeus beard brush.Zeus Beard Brush For Men$$4.7
Huntsman beard Boar Bristle Beard Brush.Huntsman Beard Beard brush$$4.8
Rocky Mountain Barber Comany Beard Brush.Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Brush $$4.6
The Beard Legacy Beard Kit.Beard Care Kit By The Beard Legacy$$$4.7
The Gentlemens Tools Beard Brush.Gentlemen's Tools Beard Brush$$4.7
Bamboo Beachwood with Soft Boar Bristles Brush.The Beardsman Beard and Hair Brush$4.6
ZilberHaar Beard Brush.Beard brush by ZilberHaar$$$4.8
The Zerian Beard Brush.Beard Brush by The Zerian$$4.9
Beard brush by The Rugged Bros100% Pure Boar Hair Beard Brush By The Rugged Bros$$5.0
Cherish Beauty Beard Brush.Boar Bristle Soft Palm Brush$4.4
Beard Deluxe Beard Brish.Beard Brush by Beard Deluxe$4.6
BetterBoardCo Beard Brush.Beard Brush By BetterBoarCo$4.5
Mane Brand Beard Brush.Beard Brush by Mane Brand$$4.4
Man&Beard Beard Brush.Beard Brush by Man&Beard$$4.9

1. Beard Brush for Men – With Wild Boar Bristles for Easy Grooming 

Looking for a convenient and universal beard brush, pay attention to the one made by the Smooth Viking Company. This company proves, that beard wearing can not be boring, so it makes everything possible to improve its goods.

Do you want to figure out, what made this beard brush take a leadership position among the other products on Amazon?

Features and Specifications:

Material – this beard brush is made of boar bristle, which gives additional masculinity to the brush. You should know, that there is no additional material used, only 100 percent real bristle of the wild black-colour boar. The material ensures convenience in usage and shape of your beard. Natural material is also good for those, who afraid of detaching their dry beards or undesirable irritation of face skin. A beard brush with these features is able to make any man look smart and elegant.

Dual Action – getting the beard brush you will be able not only to stimulate the skin but also to create the desired shape of your beard. In short, the dual action of the beard brush is able to give a unique style to your beard. Taking care of your beard correctly, you will be able to achieve the natural healthy shine. It is not possible to mix up the beard, which is courted with the help of a natural brush.

Tough Bristles – the beard brush is made of tough bristles, that facilitates unraveling of your beard. It is especially important for those, who have a splendid curved beard. Having such beard brush, you can be proud of your beard. This brush would be perfect for those, who want to grow a round-shaped beard.

Anti-Dandruff Effect – in case, if you have any problem with dandruff, apply the beard brush, which can clear your face of undesirable pieces of dandruff. Tough bristles can make massage of your skin and clear it from any results of the skin irritation.

Beard Club – it is the benefit for those, who reside in the USA. These guys can a personalized quality beard product for themselves.  Be sure, that all the beard brushes have been tested on animals before applying them to customers.

Design – an ergonomic design of the beard brush was specially created for the added convenience of the customers. A convenient brush makes additional comfort for palms.

 Natural material – boar bristle

Dual action

Firm enough

It is not soft enough for small beard or mustaches

2. 100% Boar Bristle Pocket Beard Brush for Men – Made by Zeus

Zeus beard brush would be great for those, who are looking for a small convenient product. Thanks to its compact size, the beard brush is often chosen by business men or travelers. It is logical because this small beard brush can fit any pocket or a narrow compartment in your travel bag.

This beard brush produces in Germany, so you should know about the German high quality.

Do you want to know more about this beard brush? Let’s move forward to its features.

Features and Specifications:

Dimensions – 7.62 x 2.54 x 2.54 centimeters. Even if the customers know the dimensions, the tiny size still surprises them. It is the right beard brush for people, who spend much time on the road or need a beard brush for everyday usage. You can use the beard brush in your car or office.

Shape – the beard brush is oval-shaped, which is convenient for the wrist.

Material – the beard brush is absolutely made of the natural boar bristles. There is three row of the boar hair bristles, which are used as the brush in the industry.

Hardness – it may seem, that the beard brush is too firm. However, it will not cause any inconveniences, because it will become smoother in a short time. But in mind, that the beard brush should be tough in order to unravel the plexus in the beard.

Massage – combing the beard, your brush can also make massage of your skin – gently, but effectively. This process makes your beard strong, healthy and protected.

Small dimensions

Provides healthy massage

Perfect for traveling

May become too soft in length of time

3. Boar Bristle Beard Brush – Natural And Soft Boars Hair – Presented in Cardboard Gift Box by Huntsman Beard

The boar bristle beard brush produces by the Huntsman Beard Company is perfect for those, who considered being a stylish person. If you think, you are among those people, you must understand, that having a quality beard brush should be the must-have thing for you. Let’s take a closer look at this beard brush, which is one of the tops on Amazon.

Features and Specifications:

This beard brush was made for those, who want to apply beard oil or balm to the face. Thanks to the shape of the beard brush you will be able to apply the exact quantity of the balm for the perfect appearance of your beard.

Package – the beard brush is packed in a fancy box, which looks nice by itself. It means this man’s accessory could be a great gift for Christmas or birthday of your husband, friend, father or whoever.

Gentlemen’s Guarantee – it means, that you can return the beard brush if you are not satisfied with its quality. Usually, companies make this rule only if they are 100% sure of the quality of their products.

Fancy package

Gentlemen’s guarantee

It wouldn’t suit you if you have a black suit

4. Boar Hair Beard Brush for Men By Rocky Mountain Barber Company

Are you looking for a great gift for a man with a long beard? Think about the beard brush, presented by the Rocky Mountain Barber Company. And now it is the high time to present all the benefits of the beard brush.

This brush was created especially for those, who grow a long beard and want to keep it strong and healthy.

Features and Specifications:

Material – the beard brush is completely made of natural boar bristle. It is good for skin and beard. Moreover, it determines the high quality of the beard brush, because it causes neither itching or scratching.

Package – if you consider this beard brush as a gift, there is no need to look for any additional wrapping. It is because the brush initially comes with a nice-looking brown-colour case. It is enough for safe storage, however, if you want to make a surprise, you should add additional wrapping, which could prolong the sense of surprise. The company claims, that this brush doesn’t contain any artificial and plastic materials.

Design – this beard brush could greatly suit every mountain buff, because of the creative logo of the company. Moreover, it has a shiny black wooden handle. From the other hand, the black design would fit business men, as it reflects the color of their suits.

Size – 4.8 inches long and 2 inches wide. The compact size of the beard brush is perfect for everyday usage and taking it to business meetings.

Grooming – use this beard brush, which can make grooming easier. Moreover, it is more convenient to add wax or oil using the beard brush.

Compact size

Easy grooming

While it’s new, it may loose some bristles

5. BEARD CARE KIT – Comb, Brush, Oil And Luxury Gift Box – Made In USA

It is not only about a beard brush but about the set. Choosing it, you get everything you need in order to take care of your precious beard.

Features and Specifications:

Material – the beard brush is completely made of a natural material, such as boar bristle. It is produced in addition to natural wood. Natural materials are considered to be a benefit of the product because they increase their quality thanks to the characteristics.

Set – the beard brush comes together with a beard comb and a bottle of beard oil. Altogether it is presented in a luxury box, which would be great to give to someone as a gift.

Softening –  this beard brush was made for the reason of softening a beard and skin beneath the beard. It is able to make the beard look nice and glamorous.

Cleaning – this beard brush can easily clear your beard and face of dandruff and unnecessary rubbish in the beard.

Money-Back Guarantee – the company said, you will be able to get 100% refund in case, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the beard brush.

Softening features

Money-back guarantee

Sometimes there is no need to buy a set, if you need a single beard brush

6. Beard Captain Boar Bristle Bamboo Base Beard Brush for Men with Travel Bag and Box

Choose this beard brush, if you are looking for a proper remedy to soften your beard. If it is difficult for you to find a gift for a person with a chic beard, think about the beard brush. Most probably, your gift will be highly appreciated by the person.

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristles – as this beard brush is a premium quality brush, its bristles are 100% made of wild boar bristles. Keep in mind, searching for high quality, don’t buy plastic or nylon bristles, but only natural ones.

Handle – the handle of the beard brush is made of bamboo tree. It is eco-friendly and convenient to use.

Gift -the beard brush comes together with a gift box, so you don’t need any additional wrapping for it.

Natural material

Eco friendly


7. The Beardman Beard & Hair Brush, Bamboo Beachwood with Soft Boar Bristles, And Soft Cotton Gift Bag

Most men prefer to buy one universal beard brush, which would fit for both long and short beard. So, they will not need to change it in length of time. That is the main reason, why you should also choose this set for the beard, packed in a convenient bag.

Features and Specifications:

Universal Usage – you may use this beard brush for the long beard, as well as for short one. It would be also great to use for mustaches and head hair.

Material – the beard brush is fully made of natural materials. One part of the brush is produced of boar bristle, which is good for your skin.

Bamboo Handle – the handle of the beard brush is produced of solid bamboo wood. From one side, it is strong enough, and from the other side, it is convenient to handle it in your palm.

Package – the beard brush by itself is situated in a convenient muslin bag decorated with smart design. It is convenient to transport your beard brush wherever you go if you put it into the bag.

Dimensions – 2 x 2 x 4 inches.

Natural materials

Compact size

Robust design

8. Pure Boar Bristles Beard Brush With Natural Firm Hog Hair and Pearwood Works With All Beard Balms and Beard Oils – Made by ZilberHaar

You should understand, that a quality beard brush is able to reduce itching of your face and undesirable ingrown hairs. This beard brush could become your common attribute of everyday use for a long period of time. And it is all about its German quality.

Features and Specifications:

Material – the beard brush is 100% consists of the natural boar bristle. This characteristic ensures, that you get a brush with perfect stiffness, thickness, and fast glide regardless of the type of the beards.

Wood – pear wood was used for this beard brush. It is widely known for its high endurance and stiffness.

Endurance – the beard brush can endure long-term service thanks to quality materials it is made of. It is able to serve you for a long period of time, clearing and combing your beard.

Softness – the beard brush is soft enough in order to prevent the destruction of the beard. However, it is not too soft, otherwise, it would reduce the efficiency of the beard brush.

Guarantee – if you decide to purchase this beard brush, keep in mind, that it comes with its life-long guarantee. It means you can contact the company if you reveal any problem with your beard brush.

High level of endurance

Lifelong guarantee

High price

9. Boar Bristle Beard Brush for Men Bundle with Beard Care E-Booklet – Made by The Zerian

The Zerian Beard Brush could be a worthy gift for precious people. You can get a useful guidebook in addition to the beard brush. It is the reason to think about getting this beard brush, isn’t it?

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristles – as well as the other beard brushes, this one is completely made of natural boar bristles. It means it does not contain any plastic, nylon or the other synthetic materials.

Package – this beard brush comes in the brown wooden case, decorated with the brand logo. It is good if you decide to use it as a gift.

Beard Style – it is important to use a beard brush because it trains your hairs to grow in one direction, which you want them to grow. So, you can achieve a desirable beard style combing you bear in the right direction.

Design – this beard brush is performed in a convenient design. I may notice, that it has curved bristles, which ensures the best contact with the beard.

Bonus – this beard brush comes together with a booklet, where you can find useful information regarding the beard care and different shapes of beard. Moreover, you will find outstanding tips, which will help you to look perfect in any case.

Guarantee – the beard brush comes with a lifetime guarantee. It means, that you can buy one forever.

Booklet as a bonus

Natural materials

The booklet might be useless if you already have one

10. Brush for Men  Made With 100% Pure Wild Boar Hair – Best Round Hair Comb for Facial Care, Conditioning, and Distributing Oil – Made by The Rugged Bros

The beard brush for men produced by the Rugged Bros company can become not only an efficient beard brush but also an amazing attribute, which you can bring with you wherever you go.

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristles – the bristles of the beard brush are 100% collected from wild boars. It provides the best contact with your beard. The bristles are long enough, and it ensures the best contact with your beard. That is the compulsory condition for effective grooming of the beard.

Design – this beard brush has an ergonomic design, that means it is not flat because your face isn’t either. Curves of the design perfectly emphasize curves of your face. It makes the beard suit your style in general. Moreover, the brush is carved by hand, which provides additional comfort for you to use it. The measurements were made by professionals for your comfort.

Package – use the case in order to carry your beard brush with you everywhere you go. The beard brush can be perfectly situated in your pocket or bag, so you can brush your beard as needed. This beard brush comes without any additional attributes, but if you want to make a creative gift, it is recommended to add a beard cream, oil, shampoo or/and shower gel to make a perfect setting for your beloved man.

Natural material

Comes in a gift box

High price

11. Simple Magic Reinforced Boar Bristle Soft Palm Beard Brush

Looking for a beard brush with classical design, pay attention to the Magic Reinforced Boar Bristle Brush. It looks simple, but it is convenient in usage.

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristle – this beard brush is 100% made of boar bristle, which is good for skin and beard. The bristles are soft, but not too much. Otherwise, combing would be not effective enough.

Length – the brush is 5 inches long, which is convenient to handle in your palm. From the other hand, it is not too long. So, you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

Natural materials

Easy to handle

Very cheap price

No extras included

12. Beard Brush For Men With Natural Bamboo Handle & 100% Boar Bristles – Perfect For Facial & Scalp Hair Combing & Grooming – Gift Box & Cotton Pouch Included – Beard Deluxe

The natural bamboo beard brush could be a great gift for a precious man. Furthermore, it comes together with a gift box.

However, if you are looking for a quality beard brush for yourself, also think about this product. Let’s move to its benefits!

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristles – the bristles are totally natural because they are fully made of boar bristles. They bristles are not painted, and it adds natural spirit to the beard brush.

Handle – the handle of the brush is also natural. It is made of bamboo wood, which is durable and convenient. This brush could ensure you comfortable grooming and stylish your beard.

Design – this brush is one of the most lightweight and compact among the presented. So, you can take your beard brush with and use it outside the home.

Universal Usage – it means, you will be able to take care of your beard despite its length. Even if you only have mustaches, this brush will be effective. Your hair type also does not matter, if you use this beard brush.

Bonus – this beard brush comes in a nice-looking gift box. So, if you consider this beard brush as a gift, there is no need to think about any additional wrapper for it.

Guarantee – there is a 90-day guarantee, which you get together with the beard brush. It means you have the possibility to complain in case if you are not satisfied with the quality.

✓ Natural bristles and natural design

✓ Money-back guarantee

✗ Robust design

13. 100% Boar Hair Bristle Beard Brush: Military Round Bamboo for Men Brush Strokes.

This is the set every man should have prepared. Using this brush, your beard will look amazing every time.

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristles – the beard brush is absolutely made of wild boar bristles. What is also nice – they really look like natural without any artificial color. The bristles are soft, so they don’t damage the skin of your face.

Benefit – the main benefit of using the beard brush is a natural growth of your beard. Beard brushes stimulate hair growth and detangle hairs even in the most difficult places. However, it is highly recommended to use special oils and balms in order to prevent entanglements.

Quality material

Fast detangling

Hard to use for short beard

14. Bamboo Boar Bristles Beard Brush and Comb Set Made by Mane

This set is highly preferable to get for everyone with a long beard. If you don’t take care of your beard. This set consists of a beard brush and a beard comb, which you can combine with the most efficient care of your beard.

Features and Specifications:

The Material of Bristles – the bristles of the beard brush are absolutely natural, that reflects its quality.

Handle – the handle is natural, it is made of bamboo wood. It means, that the beard brush is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. It is able to strengthen your hair and stimulate hair growth.

Natural materials

Improves quality of your beard

Need to buy whole set, not only beard brush

15. Beard Shaping Tool Kit with Sandalwood Comb And Sandalwood Brush with Wild Boar Bristles – Made by Man&Beard

If you have such a useful set for your beard, be sure, you have the most important tools in order to make your beard shiny and healthy. Let’s get-to-know this beard set.

Features and Specifications:

Package – this beard set consists of a beard brush and a beard comb, which is situated in a gift box. It is very convenient to buy this set because you will not need to waste your precious time thinking about fancy packaging.

The Material of Bristles – they are completely made of boar bristles. By the way, it is a compulsory condition of every high-quality beard brush.

Handle – the handle of the beard brush and the beard comb is performed of sandal wood. This material is lightweight, and it is a benefit, but what is more important – it keeps it a fragrance for a long time.

Handmade Craft – being a handmade product, every beard brush is made with care.

Sandalwood is lightweight and fragrant

Handmade product


Brush curve for beard can be too sharp

Types of Beard Brushes and Common Recommendations

If you want to take care of your beard, you should consider to buy quality accessories for combing and cut the beard. You should know, that there are 5 most common types of accessories and recommendations for taking care of your beard. Here is the list.

1. Beard brush

Best beard brush should be made of natural (wild boar, horse hair, wood) or synthetic (soft plastic) materials, classic oval, rectangular or even round shape. The brush is good first of all in that it helps to evenly distribute oil or a special cream. Soaking, these remedies soften the hair, make them more docile and well-groomed. Connoisseurs of all others prefer brushes from Can You Handlebar, Zeus, Beardman, Rocky Mountain Barber Company.

2. Wooden comb

A beard comb can have a compact pocket or impressive sizes with prongs on both sides. Every comb is made of different type of wood: cherry, walnut, ash, oak. Original beard combs are produced by many large companies, such as Dr. Dittmar, Borodist, Manly Club. If you want to become the owner of a unique wooden comb, then make an individual order from the master – woodcarver. Then it can have an unusual form, a scorched inscription, the true meaning of which is clear only to you – you can have an original beard comb.

3. For styling

It is possible to shape your beard impeccably not only with the help of cosmetics but also smoothly shaving the line of hair growth on the cheeks. There are special combs for styling for that reason.

Attach the beard comb with the upper edge of a round-concave shape to the cheek for getting an elegant line of descent from the whiskers to the chin, and lead the blade along it. Such combs are produced by some companies, such as Bow & Tie or they are made individually.

4. For a hairstyle

Brushes for a hairstyle differ from the beards intended for combing its out. They have special requirements, including in relation to the materials from which they are made. For example, many Hercules products are made of ebonite. As a matter of fact, it is the processed rubber. It neutralizes static electricity when combing, very durable, so do not cut such a comb with scissors or a blade. Wooden or plastic products would be the worst for a hairstyle.

5. Metal

Men, who consider beard combs as only useful, but also stylish accessories, choose metal products. They are kind, durable and can remove any hair and sebum in a couple of minutes.

Producers experiment with the design of such combs – good, allows the material – and produce them in the form of large mustaches or a shaving device. The original products can be found in the lines of Chicago Comb Co., Borodist, Mr. Bear Family, Kershaw.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the reason to grow a beard?

There is no reason for women to grow a beard, but if you are a man, it is natural to have a beard. The beard should be important because it makes men look handsome and show their individual personality. So, it is not reasonable to waste time for shaving. It is better to spend your time on grooming your beard.

How to organize the shape of the beard, if it becomes out of the control?

If your beard is not shaped, how you would like to have it, then you definitely need a beard brush or a beard comb. You may choose the best one for you on Amazon reading this article. As you could notice there are different types of beard brushes depending on the style of your beard. Choose the proper one for your needs.

How to handle it, if you get itchy while your beard is growing?

In that case, you should use special beard balms and beard oils, which helps your beard to grow by design you have chosen before. The balms and oils can make your beard softer and prevent irritation of the skin. It is good not only for your beard but also for your mood, isn’t it?

How to use a beard balm and a beard oil?

It is easy to use the balm and oil, you just should follow the instructions on the package. You should scoop your balm with your fingers and gradually put into your facial skin. The balm or oil will penetrate into your skin making it soft and well-groomed.


Beard brushing

If you want to keep your beard good-looking then you should start taking care of brushing it. That way your beard will look polished and well-groomed all the time.

Each man makes has his own demands for the beard brush. Some men are satisfied with one small beard brush because it is convenient for carrying with himself in a breast pocket of a jacket. Others acquire a whole set of these accessories of different sizes and shapes.

However, there are general characteristics for beard brushes. The brushes for the beard and mustache must be made of high-quality materials in order to prove its strength and reliability. Antistatic properties are mandatory. Choose the best beard brush depending on the length and shape of your beard or the mustache.

Read the reviews of the most popular beard brushes, you can currently find on Amazon and make your decision.

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