9 Best Beard Comb Products For Men

Get one of best best beard comb and start looking like a real men.

Men, who have a goal to grow their beards, prefer to use the set of different tools for beard care, such as beard combs, beard brushes, oils, balms, etc. However, if you want to start beard grooming from something simple, think about acquiring a convenient beard comb for your comfort and outstanding beard. We have prepared a list of best beard comb products for the daily care of your beard. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Keep reading if you finally want to get a perfect beard:

ImageNamePrice RangeOur Rating
Huntsman Beard Dual Action Beard Comb.Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve by Huntsman Beard$$4.9
Striking Viking Wooden Beard Comb.Wooden Beard Comb & Case by Striking Viking$$4.8
Handmade Comb By Repsol Care.Beard Comb and Beard Brush Kit By Repsol Care$$$4.9
Exec Beard Comb For Men.Exec Beard Comb$4.4
Grow A Beard Comb Set.Beard Comb Set By Grow A Beard$$4.6
Homemade Beard Combs By KentKent Homemade Beard Comb - Set of 3$$$4.7
Beard Comb by 4Clawz.Pocket Beard Comb by 4Clawz$4.6
Handmade Sandalwood Comb by Dream Bear.Handmade Green Sandalwood Beard Comb by DREAM BEAR$4.7
Anti Static Beard Comb By Striking Viking.Anti-Static Beard Comb by Striking Viking$$$4.4

1. Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve by Huntsman Beard

Looking for a great gift for a person with a beard, think about Dual Action Beard Comb & Protective Sleeve. Thanks to different types of combs from both sides, it makes twice effective action on your beard. Let’s move to the main features of this beard comb.

Features and Specifications:

Dual Action Teeth – this feature makes grooming possible despite the type of your beard. It means that one side would be better for short or thin beard, while the other better suits curly or long beards.

Package – the package of this beard brush makes it possible to be a gift for a precious person or a colleague. This beard comb comes with a brown leather sleeve and a gift box of the same color. It is good for those, who prefer smart style.

Scent – this beard comb will smell like it is just from a woodshop. And if you close your eyes, you can imagine you there.

Material – the beard comb is made solely of natural material, which is wood. You will forget about your plastic comb after this comparison.

Durability – the Huntsman Beard company is sure, that this beard comb is good enough for daily use because it is wooden, which is thick enough for that.

May be a good gift

thick enough for being durable

Dual effect

If you don’t like a wood smell, it is not the best choice for you

2. Wooden Beard Comb & Case by Striking Viking

This wooden beard comb is the best comb produced by the Striking Viking company, and its design corresponds the company’s name. It is a great accessory for any man with a beard making his image similar to a real masculine Viking.

Features and Specifications:

Package – the beard comb comes together with the convenient leather case for full protection. The case is a made of black color and decorated with the creative logo of the company.

Design – the beard comb made with different types of teeth from both sides of the comb. It means that this beard comb can handle any beard – straight or curly, long or short.

Material – the beard comb is produced of only natural material, which is 100% sandalwood. It not only allows your beard to look awesome but also reduce the possibility of an electrifying effect on the beard hair. So, it has static-free features, which are great for beard styling.

Durability – the comb is durable enough for everyday use. Just put it into its case and pocket and use it whenever you need it.

Durable product

Made of natural sandalwood

Goes together with a leather case

Teeth are not long enough for large beards

3. Beard Brush and Beard Comb for Men – Handmade Comb and Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush Kit for Men Beard & Mustache by Repsol Care

Being unsure, what exactly your man needs more for his beard, choose a whole set. This set for beard care consists of one beard comb and one beard brush. However, they would also be good for taking care of mustaches. Wanna know more about the set?

Features and Specifications:

Universal Set – this set suits not only every type of beard but also mustaches. That’s why most people choose this product when it is not easy to make a choice. Usually, it happens, when you pick a beard comb for you for the first time in your life or if you intend to prepare an amazing gift.

Material – both the beard comb and the beard brush made of natural materials. The comb produced of 100% wood and the brush made of a wild boar bristle. So, you can choose the proper care for your beard depending on its length.

Shape – universal types of the beard accessories allow working with the most problematic areas, such as tangles and curves. Moreover, you can use the beard set for your head, providing hair grooming and scalp massage.

Additional Care – beard grooming can be additionally multiplied by using beard balms and beard oils. For the best care also use beard conditioners and special waxes. It will make your beard softer, which is good for creating your style.

Package – this set comes with two ways of packaging – a box and a bag. This kit is easy for everyday use and the box is convenient for business trips or traveling. If you consider it as a gift, the box looks great, so you will not need to think about the gift decoration.

Guarantee – together with the beard set you will get 100% money back guarantee for the next 90 days. It made for clients’ satisfaction.

Universal care

Useful package

100% money-back guarantee

Not reasonable to buy a set if you only need a comb

4. Exec Beard All in One Beard Comb and Shaping Template Tool by Exec Beard

If you always were dreaming of a beard comb together with a shaping template tool, this is the product for your needs. It was created especially for those men, who prefer to take care of their beards by themselves.

Features and Specifications:

Shaping – this beard comb allows to provide perfect shaping of the beard if you use it together with a razor, clipper, and electric beard trimmer. It is convenient to shape the beard because it allows making any precise style you want. Moreover, it can create a symmetry shaping, which is so necessary for looking awesome. Become a barber for your beard with this beard comb!

Material – this beard comb is produced of high-quality plastic material, which is more convenient for such type of combs.

Design – the beard comb is a little bit similar to a boomerang. It is especially for comfortable handling during combing. The comb has two areas of small teeth to unravel knots and tangles. Keep in mind, that grooming will be easy if you apply a little bit beard oil beforehand. The beard comb is completed in black or brown color and has a bright white logo in the middle.

Package – you will receive the comb in a white case, which you can use for everyday use afterward. With more beard tools, this beard comb can be a part of a great man’s gift.

Easy to handle

Smart design

Perfect for beard shaping

Small teeth require more time to groom the beard

5. Beard Comb and Brush – Best Bamboo Beard Kit for Home and Travel

Looking for a quality set of a beard comb and a beard brush, pay attention to the kit produced by a famous Grow A Beard company.

This package is quite similar to the previous one, but it differs by the beard comb, which has a dual effect. Isn’t it the reason to know more about this convenient set?

Features and Specifications:

Material – the set consists of the beard care accessories, made of natural materials. The beard comb produced of bamboo wood. It is soft and does not harm any hair on your face. The beard brush is also made of bamboo wood together with natural bristles of a wild boar.

Size – the bearded set is convenient for everyday use. It counts on the dimensions of an average man’s pocket. So, you can use it even in public.

Universal Use – the bearded set can be applied for any beard – long, short or even mustaches. It is because the comb is different from two sides. It produces twice more opportunities for quality grooming of your beard.

Package – even though the wood is a brown color, keep in mind, that the package is black. It looks great if you decide to use this set as a gift for a precious person. The package consists of a box and a bag: use the box for a gift-giving and the bag will be convenient in future for everyday use.

Guarantee – the company ensures every customer, that they are ready to give 100% refund if the person doesn’t like this beard set.

Natural material

Pocket size

100% refund guarantee

There are higher quality combs that this one

6. Kent Men’s Handmade Comb, Set of 3

There are different reasons, which make people prefer sets of beard combs rather than one accessory. It might be an uncertainty of the exact size of comb’s teeth for your type of beard or changing beards depending on current style. Looking for a whole set of three beard combs, pay attention to the one produced by the Kent company, because it is considered to be one of best on Amazon.

Features and Specifications:

Package – buying the Kent men’s handmade comb set, you get three different beard combs at the same time. All of them come in a separate set and have different size. But every time you can pick one, that you need for beard or mustaches as a more precise approach to grooming.

Size – all of the combs are compact enough for everyday use. Even the largest comb is only 5.3 inches long. It allows you to take the beard combs with you anywhere you go.

Material – this product is produced from a natural material, which is wood. It is smooth enough for being sensitive to your beard, but it is still recommended to apply natural beard oil for softer grooming.

Gift-Giving – most people choose beard sets more often than single beard combs or brushes because it is easier to guess with a preferable size. So, take this fact into consideration, if you even want to make an unexpected gift to a person with a beard.

Consists of 3 beard combs with different lengths

Soft natural wood

Complete care of a beard

Comb is little bit too small for men’s hands

7. 4 Klawz Beard Comb – Pocket Comb for Men’s Hair Beard Mustache and Sideburns with 4 Sides of Wide & Fine Teeth by Bush Klawz

This 4 Klawz Beard Comb, created by the Bush Klawz company is especially for those clients, who appreciate multi-functional design. It is small and convenient at the same time.

Are you already curious, how the creators could reach such high level of functionality? Continue reading, and you will know more.

Features and Specifications:

Design – thanks to its unique design with four-sided teeth, the beard comb is suitable for any beard. Whenever it is long, or you only have mustaches; you can groom your beard using one of four sides of the beard comb. That’s why this comb is great shaping, removing tangles and styling as well as grooming. Be precise in your beard styling!

Static-Free – you will forget about snags and tangles of your beard thanks to anti-static features of the beard comb. Keep in mind, that beard combs made of cheap wood unlike this one are not static-free although it is essential for styling of your beard.

Size – despite the multifunctional design, this beard comb has pretty small measures. They are 4 x 2.5 inches. So, this accessory is easy to transport and comfortable to use. Take your portable beard comb anywhere you go to be well-groomed all the time!

Package – this beard comb comes in a box, which looks good enough for being a gift. If the person with the beard has neither a beard comb nor a beard brush yet, he will appreciate your present. However, you can also improve it with a beard balm and oil.

Well designed

Compact size

Anti-static features

Easily gets broken by wearing in pocket

8. Handmade Green Sandalwood Comb by DREAM BEAR®

Knowing that the person is a big fan of handmade art, it would be amazing to give him a creative beard comb as a gift. Let’s figure out, why this beard comb would be a perfect gift for a stylish man with a beard.

Features and Specifications:

Material – this beard comb made of green sandalwood. Even though it produced by a company, it is handmade and high quality. It means that the sandalwood has anti-static features, which are important for those, who groom the beard. Keep in mind; it is good for health to use natural materials.

Design – the beard comb has teeth from two sides: one side has smaller spans between the teeth, and the second one has bigger teeth. It means that it can substitute all the rest beard combs, as you may use one side for your beard, but the other part is for hair. Men find it convenient, don’t they?

Color – the beard comb comes in light-brown color, which is original sandalwood color. However, it can change the color depending on some environmental factors, such as level of humidity and light.

Size – the size of the beard comb is especially counted for an average man’s pocket because it should be convenient for regular everyday use.

Package – the beard comb comes together with a fancy gift box, which could be an outstanding gift for your anniversary or just a token of your attention to the person.

Reasonable price

Comes with a gift box

Made of sandalwood

Beard case does not include the package

9. Folding Wood Comb – Anti-Static Wooden Styling Comb for Men by Striking Viking

This beard comb is not similar to any other. It would greatly fit any knife buff simply because this accessory looks like a portable knife. Be sure, that your husband, boyfriend or friend will appreciate this gift. Sure, if he has a beard.

If it is you, who need a beard brush, use this chance as an excellent opportunity to give a gift for yourself.

Features and Specifications:

Material – the beard comb solely consists of natural sandalwood. This material is considered to be one of the best for beard brushes because it is extremely durable and lightweight. You will feel the strength of wood all the time you use the beard comb.

Anti-Static Features – thanks to the features of sandalwood this beard comb doesn’t cause any skin anger or electrifying of hair. It can help you to make the image of your beard, which could be even better with quality beard balms and oils.

Universal Use – the beard comb looks like a comb for hair, and you can use it for that reason also. By the way, it is awesome, because it will be good for your scalp massage. Keep in mind, that it is good for blood circulation inside your head, so it is good for the brain.

Design – it has an unusual design in comparison to the other beard combs. It has the design of a folding hair comb. So, it is as compact as possible. The construction ensures its protection, being an unusual wooden case for the comb, which is always with you.

Package – this beard comb comes without any nice-looking gift box or case, but it does not need it. It created with casing, which is a part of the comb. You can combine it with the other accessories if you want to complete a gift.

Folding comb design

Made of natural sandalwood

Easy to transport

Wood that is used for production is not very quality

Caring for a Beard with a Comb

How to take care of a beard at home? Specialists and experienced beetles-bearded people recommend using a special beard comb twice a day: morning and evening. The procedure will take time. If you want to grow a thick, full of life, shine a beard, then look after it correctly.

First carefully comb the vegetation on the face. The longer the beard and mustache, the less often the comb should be. Your task is to divide the tangled hair, and not wrest it.

With a soft brush, gently massage the cheeks, chin clockwise. Pay particular attention to the zones on which you have already released your hair. Do not be lazy to spend 10-15 minutes on this procedure. Such a scalp massage will serve as an excellent stimulation of the growth of the beard.

With a frequent comb, comb the hair on the face in the direction of their growth. So you give your beard and mustaches a neat look, determine if it’s time to straighten them.

Why is Combing Important for Your Beard?

Complete beard care includes not only cleaning with shampoo, nutrition masks, and balms, but also daily combing. Proper and regular beard combing is a very useful procedure. Thanks to the grooming, the circulation of blood improve, thanks to new head massage, the appearance of the beard improves, irritating hair follicles, and hair growth possible. Also, when combing, hair quickly gets much-needed oxygen for them, so your beard will look healthy, fresh and restored.

Also, during the beard grooming, it is quickly cleared of dust and well ventilated. For regular taking care to bring you benefits, you need to care for a quality and comfortable hair comb.

The Best Materials for Your Beard Comb

It is true that the best material from which beard combs can make is wood. A wooden hair brush has many advantages. First, wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material that positively affects the face. Secondly, if you buy a wooden comb, then you can use it every day because it does not electrify the beard, does not loosen it and does not hurt. It is a brush made of wood – an excellent helper for your beard styling because the material does not come into a chemical reaction with hair styling. So there is no negative impact.

It is interesting that Oak – soothes the scalp, birch – helps to fight against dandruff, and spruce relieves stress and gives the beard a fresh fragrance. On our site, there are brushes and beard combs made of natural material.

If you have a long beard, we suggest buying a brush made of wood, in which natural bristles help to remove static electricity during combing. And if you have a short beard, then the ideal solution for you is a wooden comb with sparse teeth. Such combs are very easy to make selections and apply funds for styling.

Choose what to comb your beard need right now, and order high-quality products on Amazon!


Find best beard comb for yourself. Get better looking and start feel as a real men.

Using of beard comb in your daily routine makes your beard look more natural and healthy. Every man should take care of their beard.

A quality and appropriately created beard comb are what each beard needs to have in the arsenal of his bathroom. Beard requires constant care and attention. You should figure out the type of beard you have. After all, each of us has his type of skin, hair. Someone has a thick beard made of dense, thick hair, and someone’s hair grows more rarely and is much thinner.

Bear in mind a lot of things, which depend on the type of your beard. The oil absorbs, the shaving cream distributes differently, or foam is applied.

Provide proper care for your beard using tips mentioned in this article.The combs for beards and mustaches made of a variety materials and you can choose the best one for you! We recommend choosing more stiff brushes made from the real fur of a wild boar. This brush easier to unravel the knots and perfectly polishes and straightens the hair. For a long beard of fine hair, a comb with wide teeth is essential.

Note, that the mustache, as well as the beard, require no less care, and even more! They need to settle in a particular shape, twisted, aligned and watched to make them look breathtaking.

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