Best Computer Case Fans – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A comparison of best computer case fans for optimal cooling

You have an impressive PC system which can run the most demanding software and games. To make your system run even better, and reach its full potential, you need an effective cooling system that will control the temperatures of your system. As computer hardware gets more powerful, it also runs at higher temperatures.

Higher temperatures can damage your system, and you probably don’t want to throw all of your cash because of overheating, right?

That’s where the computer case fans come in. Many modern cases already come with a built-in case fan, but the custom case fans are the real deal and it won’t cost you a fortune.

What do case fans do that make them worth your attention? They provide cool air for the hardware inside the case and decrease the amount of hot air that can damage your system. Of course, there are lots of custom case fans on the market, and determining the best one may be a problem.

That’s where we come in with our best computer case fans guide, which will surely help you in solving your problem. Let’s start with our picks to ensure you picked the best pc fan on the market:

ImageNameOur Rating 
Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Fan4.9
Corsair Air Series SP 140mm Fan4.8
Corsair HD Series HD140 Dual Fans4.6
NZXT Aer RGB140 Case Fan4.5
Aigo Color Changeable RGB Fan4.3

1. Corsair ML120 PRO 120mm Fan

Corsair ml 120

Coming from Corsair, a pioneer in the PC cooler industry, this is definitely one of the best case fans for gaming PC. It operates at low noise which will mostly satisfy gamers. The RGB mode makes sure that the fan looks cool and complements the style of your case. Of course, these great features come at a slightly larger price, mainly by the fact that you get three magnetic fans in one package.

Features and Specifications:

Quiet and Powerful – what makes a great computer case fan is a quiet operation, and Corsair has got you covered. This computer case fan utilizes magnetic bearing technology that delivers more airflow to your system and increases the overall performance of the fan. That also means that the fan will operate at the lower noise level, which is a godsend for every PC user.

Versatile RGB Lightning – one of the best RGB case fans should have the superb RGB technology, and this one definitely ticks that mark. Four mounted LED lights that operate on RGB color scheme make sure that the fan color is vibrant and easy to match with your preferred style. Of course, you can control the light color, thanks to the Corsair Link tool. The possibilities are endless.

Complete Control – other than the RGB light control, you can also control the fan speed. Whether you want to minimize noise levels or to increase the airflow, you can adjust the fan speed from 400 RPM to 1600 RPM with relative ease. You can achieve the perfect balance between performance and price with this Corsair RGB cooler.

Allows complete control over the fan speed and color modes

You get three case fans

Low noise level

Gets louder on higher RPM levels

A bit pricey

2. Corsair Air Series SP 140mm Fan

Corsair Air Series

Corsair strikes again with this budget 140mm case fan that will suit anyone’s budget. Even though you don’t get many options for adjustment with this one, the price you pay for two efficient case fans should be enough. The general design also helps with cooling your system more efficiently, and the LED light adds more character to it.

Features and Specifications:

Dramatic LED Lighting – the fan blades are custom molded and are translucent, which allows lighting to come through. What makes for a dramatic effect is the frosted texture in combination with the LED light. Speaking of the LED lights, you cannot change them, so you’re limited to one of the five choices: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and White.

Less Noise, More Airflow – what makes this case fan one of the best cheap case fans is the design of the fan blades. They are designed to precisely provide more airflow to the components that are at a higher temperature level. The airflow is generated with less noise and vibration compared to the ordinary case fans. This custom tuning ensures that the static pressure cooling is as efficient as possible.

Designed for Versatility – you can put this 140mm case fan at almost any restricted space in your case. That means that it is ideal to settle this case fan on spots where it will be placed directly to a heat source. It may get a bit noisy at times, but can you expect more from that price tag?

Excellent performance for a low price

LED lights are a wonder

Less vibration when operating

Cannot customize light color

Can get noisy at higher RPM

3. Corsair HD Series HD140 Dual Fans

Corsair HD Series

Unique is the word that describes this case fan in one word. It offers independent LED lighting that can be controlled to personalize your system fully. The quiet performance superbly complements the vivid illumination of this case fan. You also get two case fans in the package, which means quality and quantity in one package. That is definitely a combination that describes this large computer fan that provides your computer system with stable temperatures at low noise.

Features and Specifications:

Powerful LED Lightning – definitely a characteristic of one of the best-LED case fans, this one offers absolute control over the RGB LED lighting. You can control the 12 RGB LEDs individually, which encourage experimentation. They are specifically designed to outshine the competition on that front. The three-button controller offers lightning effect control, such as fade and blink effects. You get endless possibilities when it comes to lighting control with this 140mm case fan.

Quiet and Powerful – this almost silent fan ensures quiet operation and fewer vibration thanks to the ultra-thin fan blade design. You get improved performance over the competition thanks to the intense static pressure that provides consistent cool air to your system. If you want to ramp up the fan speed, even more, you can adjust it from 600-1350 PWM RPM. The fan controller comes with this 140mm fan, so if there is a need for cooler temperatures, you can easily adjust it.

Great design that outshines the competition

✓ Quality and quantity in one package

Full control over the LED and fan speed

Need to open up the case whenever you need to change LED color

Make more noise at higher RPM levels

4. NZXT Aer RGB140 Case Fan


That is definitely one of the best case fans for gaming PC you can find on the market right now. It provides vibrant colors to your system while offering decent airflow. The LED lights are the main attraction to this case fan. If you want to unlock the full potential of the lighting control, you will need to get the HUE+, sadly. Regardless of that, this is a great deal indeed, considering you get three 140mm case fans in one package.

Features and Specifications:

Optimal Airflow – thanks to the superb design of the fan blades, this is definitely one of the best PC case fans you can find on the market right now. What makes them stand out are the fluid dynamic bearings that enhance the overall performance a lot. The fan blades themselves feature winglet tips that increase the total airflow and decrease the noise levels drastically.

Advanced Customization – you can adjust the fan speed from 500 to 1500 RPM, which will increase the noise level from 22 to 33 dBA respectively. Of course, this wouldn’t be one of the best RGB case fans if you couldn’t customize the lightning modes, wouldn’t it? You can choose from one of the ten lightning modes thanks to the CAM software which is included with this 140mm case fan. If you want to get full LED lighting experience, then HUE+ is an ideal tool for this case fan, as its LED light design complements it. You can group up to five fans per channel for a rich lighting experience that will significantly personalize your PC case. That means that you will need to spend some more money on that gadget. If you’re prepared for that, brace yourself for a trippy light show!

You get three quality fans in one package

Vibrant colors and great effects

Quiet operation while offering decent airflow

Six years of lifespan

Need to get HUE+ to optimize the lighting experience truly

Unpolished lighting control software

A bit pricey

5. Aigo Color Changeable RGB Fan

Aigo RGB Fan

That is definitely one of the best 120mm case fans on the market right now. You get outstanding lighting modes which you can control effortlessly. The fan itself is also pretty powerful and makes sure that it dissipates heat with maximum efficiency. What’s even better, you get three case fans for a meager price, which makes this case fan one of the best cheap case fans available.

Features and Specifications:

Absolute LED Control – there are over 50 LED light modes available for every user with this case fan. The LEDs are separately controlled via 3-button controller which offers various effect speed and color modes. It encourages experimentation with lots of different visual effects to choose from. That definitely makes it one of the best LED case fans available right now.

High Power and Low Noise – what makes one of the best budget case fans even better? A combination of great power which allows for more efficiency in generating more airflow and quiet operation. The bearing is hydraulic, which means that it lowers the operation of this case fan and improves the general efficiency. It generates airflow at 1300 RPM maximum, and you can adjust that speed thanks to the multifunction controller. That controller is the same you use for the LED lights, so it is all integrated into one little box.

You get a lot for such a low price

High amount of LED lighting modes available

Great airflow and quiet operation

Low shelf life – only 20 000 hours

What is a Case Fan and Do You Need One?
More information on benefits of computer case fans

Now that you’ve tasted some of our picks for the absolute best computer case fans, we need to go over some things that will determine if the case fan is worth your attention. Every customer needs to know what they look for when they want to buy computer fan that will give them that bit of extra performance they’re looking for.

There are several crucial features which determine how powerful computer case fan is as well as is it worth your attention:


Computer case fans sizes usually range from 25mm to 250mm. The most common ones are definitely 80mm, 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm. Every case fan size has its pros and cons, and each one is suited to a specific kind of user. The primary goal when you look at an ideal size is to check if it will fit into your computer case at all.

80mm case fan is definitely the best one if your system isn’t getting too hot. It produces less air because of the small size and is noisier than its other counterparts, but it’s definitely the cheapest alternative.

120mm case fan provides more air because it features larger fan blades. Because of that, it can restrict airflow, but it’s no compromise when you have more heat dissipation. As it is larger, it also operates at a slower pace. That is good because it produces less sound while running, and that makes it more convenient.

140mm case fans are definitely the most popular out of all case fans. Why is that so? Well, they feature larger fan blades, and there is no need for the blades to spin too fast because they already generate a decent amount of airflow to the system. That results in longer shelf life and less noise. They are more expensive, but the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

200mm case fan is definitely the quietest one of the bunch. They can pull more air than its counterparts thanks to its enormous size. To do that, they require a bit more power than other case fans. They also feature the largest fan blades that reduce noise and improve the overall airflow through your system. Most of them come with switches that allow every user to strike a balance between cooling performance and noise. The lifespan is even longer because it doesn’t spin its blades too quickly, so that’s a considerable advantage to consider.

Overall, the choice for the case fan size greatly depends on your system, if it heats up quickly, consider getting a large PC fan, and vice-versa. Just make sure that your case is built to support the desired case fan.


It can be an indicator of how well your case fan performs, but it can also be an annoying factor. Generally, small case fans produce more noise. They operate at higher speeds, and that generates more noise. That may be a turning-off factor for gamers, as additional noise can break immersion.

As you go to bigger sizes, noise is less and less pronounced. Bigger case fans mean bigger fan blades. These kinds of fan blades operate at a much slower pace, and that also means that the noise that these fans generate will be much less pronounced.

They are generally more expensive than their louder counterparts, but if you’re a user that is annoyed by background noise, then consider getting a quiet computer fan that has larger blades.


You can measure case fan speed in RPMs (Revolutions Per Minute). It greatly contributes to the performance of the fan, so it is wise to look up that feature. The general thing is, faster fans will generate more noise but will offer better airflow. Slower fans will create less noise and less airflow.

Striking a balance between these two is a must, that way you’ll improve the overall performance and save power. A great combination is a fan that operates at less RPM but is larger. That way, you’ll save more energy and reduce noise while generating decent airflow.

There are more and more case fans that feature speed controllers, and that is a great thing to have with users who worry about noise.

These are some of the crucial features you have to look for when you’re getting a new case fan for your PC. Now, we know that there will always be some questions regarding computer case fans. Good news is, we’ve got you covered on that front too! Here are some of the most asked questions regarding computer case fans:

Do You Really Need a Computer Case Fan?

You should invest some money for a quality case fan

Consider picking a high-quality computer fan if you want your components working on their peak. You must ensure stable temperature to get all of your hardware.

Most casual users think that it’s just an unnecessary waste of time and money to look for a computer case fan. That’s just wrong! Computer case fans are essential for your PC and play a huge role in its performance and you definitely need to know where to buy computer fans.

Electronic components inside the PC produce lots of heat. If you leave them like this, they will eventually malfunction earlier than they should. That’s where the computer case fans come in. They move the heat that is generated by components and prevents component problems from happening early.

The computer case fans are also great if you want to make your PC look great, with all the new LED light technology that is implemented in them. If you generally plan to upgrade your PC, don’t forget about the PC case fan!

How Can I Determine Which Way the Air Blows Through the Fan?

This is an important question, as the way which the air blows will significantly determine the efficiency of the fan itself. If you want to check which way the air blows, just hold the fan in front of you, and let the fan sticker face you. That way you’ll look at the rear of the fan.

If the air blows towards you when you plug it in, that means that it generates less airflow to the system. To make your fan blow air inside the case itself, you just turn it around and enjoy more heat dissipation and airflow.

You can also check the direction of the airflow on some case fans on the plastic housing, in the form of two arrows. One arrow will show the fan blade rotation direction, and the other one will show airflow direction.


You can't go wrong in picking any of computer fans from the list above.

Now you know everything about PC cooling system and we hope that you’ve got all the questions answered. It’s crucial that you know what is a case fan and how it works. Whether you agree or not, case fans are relevant. They contribute to the overall performance of your PC and make your life much easier. Overheating won’t be a problem anymore if you invest in one of the best computer case fans.

There are also a lot of modifications that modern case fans implement, like LED lighting, that personalizes your PC case. That is a cool thing that modernizes your setup while increasing its lifespan.

Just remember, computer case fans are essential for the health of your PC.

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