Best Gaming Headset Under 50 of 2017

Check out the list of 10 best gaming headsets under 50 dollars you could find on the market today!

Looking for the best gaming headset under 50? You’ve just come to the right place!

Gaming industry becomes more competitive and stronger with each year attracting millions of people who are passionate about one thing – playing video games.

If you ever played any computer game you know that the game isn’t the same without a high-quality sound. The sound is something a passionate gamer can’t go without it.

We know the importance of having the great sound in-game, so we did a research on gaming headset market.

Many people believe they must spend a fortune to have a high-quality headset for gaming, but it’s simply not the truth.

We tested several headsets, to find the best gaming headset under 50 dollars to prove you that you can invest a little amount of money for an enormous enjoyment.

All of the reviews are unbiased and based on a comprehensive research of each crucial feature a gaming headset must possess.

Put your headphones on and experience a whole different world of gaming!

Brace yourself as we go through each feature of the best gaming headsets under 50:

PictureNameCompabilityPrice RangeOur Rating
SADES Wolf Gaming features a clean, smooth and 7.1 surround system.SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Windows, iOS, Android, Mac$$$4.6
Another SADES headset proves that the company is doing a great job over and over again with the new models.SADES Channel Virtual USB Surround StereoWindows, Mac$$4.3
Logitech G430 is the perfect headset for poeple who're looking for a quality but at the reasonable price.Logitech G430 DTSWindows, PlayStation 4$$$4.6
SADES is known for producing a high-quality headsets that last.SADES Over-Ear Stereo Bass GamingWindows, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Smartphones$$4.5
APIE offer a variety of different headsets for the money.APIE Comfortable Gaming HeadsetWindows, PlayStation 4$4.4
HyperX Cloud Stinger is a perfect headset if you want to play your favorite games on different platforms.HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming HeadsetWindows, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Wii U, Smartphones$$$4.8
Etekcity HIFI headphones are great for gaming because of the comfort they offer.Etekcity H7PX+ Gaming Headset 7.1 ChannelWindows, Mac$$4.3
BENGOO is doing a great job producing a headsets for gaming.BENGOO Stereo PC Gaming HeadsetWindows$4.3
Razer Kraken is the high-quality headset designed for people on a strict budget.Razer Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset Windows, Smartphones, PlayStation 4, XBox One$$$4.6
Woner GM-1 is the perfect headset for gamers on a strict budget.Woner GM-1 Earphone Specialized for GamesWindows, Smartphones, PlayStation 4$4.5


1. SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Gaming Headset with Microphone

SADES Spirit Wolf seeks to revolutionize the low-budget headphone market with the features these headphones have. It is an excellent example of the company which invests in research and innovation, so it’s not a coincidence the Spirit Wolf is situated at the first place of our list. This headset offers everything packed with an ergonomic and light design. A high-quality sound that will surprise even the hardcore gamers, the inbuilt microphone with high sensitivity for voice chats and compatibility with all platforms are just a few features of Spirit Wolf.

In essence, Spirit Wolf is a combination of great features, innovative design attractive to gamers and low price. If you’re a gamer on a strict budget, the SADES headphones may be the best choice for you. It is one of best choices if you are looking for the best gaming headset under 50.

Features & Specifications:

Sensitive Microphone – The gaming microphone is a must have item of each gaming headset. Spirit Wolf comes with high sensitivity microphone that durable. Your gaming buddies will always hear the crystal clear voice of you.

NDFEB Driver – NDFEB Driver is the new software for gaming headsets that enables many great features including stronger bass, perfectly precise accounting positioning and more. You will feel each sound and it will sound so realistic with this technology. NDFEB brings out the best from Spirit Wolf in each game.

Compatibility – These headphones are compatible with many platforms including Windows, Android and iOS which means you can use these for multiple purposes. The good thing to mention is that these are not compatible with PlayStation and Xbox while you can connect it to Mac, but you won’t be able to achieve 7.1 surrounds.

Great sound Isolation – Thanks to a high-quality and perfectly placed memory cup on each phone you will experience an exceptional comfort and noise isolation. The headphones are created with plug-and-play that covers a whole ear and reduces all the outside noises to the minimum. That leaves only the best quality sound in-game.

7.1 Channel Effect –  Spirit Wolf supports 7.1 surround system thanks to the speaker placement. An inbuilt 7.1 sound chip decoder achieves 7.1 channel effect in the games. That feature hugely impacts on overall quality and experience of the sound.

Other Features – The headphones can be connected through USB port and has a cable of 2m length. Sound frequency ranges from 20 – 20000 Hz while sound sensitivity is 115dB/mW.

Great features along with design for a small price

High-quality sound and 7.1 effect enabled

Great job in noise canceling

Very comfortable for longer gaming sessions thanks to soft memory foam on each phone

LED color that adds up to overall design score

USB port connectivity

Volume Up/Down control button and mute button for both microphone and headphones

Lack of functions that help in gaming, not compatible with mobile platforms and Playstation/Xbox

Microphone durability

2. SADES Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo Wired PC Gaming Headset

Another great gaming headphones come from SADES too as proof that SADES is one of the best companies for low-budget headphones. SA902 model comes with 7.1 channel support to assure the best and clearest sound in games. This model has many buttons such as volume control, mute control and LED control. Like the previous model, it comes with a flexible microphone that can be set in various positions to fit your needs.

If you’re looking to improve their gaming experience drastically for a ridiculous amount of money, this headset may be the best gaming headset under 50. Check out some of the crucial features of SA902 model:

Features & Specifications:

7.1 Surround System – 3D speaker placement along with decoding chip enables you to experience an amazing 360-sound field that assures you to hear even the farthest background sounds.

Closed Earcups – Earcups are responsible for comfort and noise reduction. Gaming sessions can be longer than expected, so it’s important for headsets to be comfortable. Protein leather foam is the primary material that adapts to the ear structure. External noise is reduced to minimum amount only leaving the sound rhapsody.

Flexible Microphone – You can place the microphone in multiple positions depending on your preferences. Microphone delivers a crystal clear voice with no noise in the sound. The headphones have an inbuilt controller for muting the microphone which is handy and easy to use.

Sound Quality – It is amazing how HiFi capable driver can improve the quality of the sound in games. Thanks to the drivers, these headphones have 20 – 20000Hz frequency, very deep bass and 7.1 surround system enabled. With these features, you will get the outstanding sound for the better gaming experience.

Compatibility – It has a USB connector that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC. The headphones aren’t compatible with mobile systems nor gaming platforms.

Other Features – SA902 comes with USB cable of 2.2m length. Microphone frequency range is 50 – 10000Hz while sensitivity is -38dB +/- 3dB.

Very comfortable gaming headphones perfect for longer gaming sessions

Protein leather foam responsible for effective noise reduction

Great design that comes with LED lights

7.1 surround system ready

Just a single USB connection

Controller for volume up/down

Microphone and headphone mute

Crystal clear voice over the microphone

No option to disable LED lights that can be irritating sometimes

Microphone could be more durable

Lightweight headphones


3. LOGITECH G430 DTS Headphone

LOGITECH is a remarkable company in building the innovative and highest-quality hardware on the market. They have the gaming headphones in all price ranges, but G430 model is perfect for gamers on low-budget. These headphones come with the fair amount of features which includes Dolby 7.1 surround system for the realistic gaming experience. G430 is relatively light in weight and comfortable for longer gaming sessions. If you’re a console gamer, there is no need for worries as these headphones are compatible with PlayStation 4.

Overall, G430 is perfect gaming headset for beginners or people who are on a tough budget. For an absurd amount of money, you get the high-quality and durable headphones that are packed with the technology for the best sound output.

Features & Specifications:

Lightweight Design – The whole case is made of lightweight plastic that gives you a stable and comfortable fit for gaming sessions.

Comfortable Earcups – Earcups are one of the crucial features in our overall rankings. Earpads are made from breathable sport material that is removable and washable. You can adjust each earcup to fit your ear for extra comfort.

Compatibility – These are compatible with Windows platform and PlayStation 4 (only in Stereo Mode) and has a USB connector on a 2.3m cable.

Full-Blast Audio Technology – This technology is a creation of Dolby technology and enables the user to have the most realistic experience during the gaming sessions. Dolby technology supports 7.1 surround system which means you, as a player, are placed in a 360 sound field where you can hear and locate even your opponent’s footsteps.

High-Quality Microphone – The microphone is producing the high-quality and clear voice sound and could be set up in multiple positions, depending on your preferences. Also, it has an interesting feature of noise cancellation where your friends won’t hear any background sounds while you’re speaking.

Sound Controller – The controller is placed on a cable and its simple design enables you to have everything you need in your hands. Do you want to mute the microphone or increase the volume? Everything you need is placed on this controller.

Other Features – The frequency response of these headphones ranges in 20 – 20000Hz, while impedance is set on 32Ohms. Microphone along with the great features has a frequency response of 50 – 20000Hz, which is enough to record everything you say in crystal-clear quality. This feature, along with other ones deserved to put this product into the consideration for the best gaming headset under 50.

High-quality sound accompanied with 7.1 surround system for such a low price

Made from materials that will last

Superb microphone offering a crystal-clear voice recording and noise cancellation

Earpads that make these headphones comfortable and great for long gaming sessions

Compatibility with PlayStation 4

Earpad material is made from breathable material instead of leather which automatically signs of lower lifespan

Isn’t compatible with XBox


4. SADES Over-Ear Stereo Bass Gaming Headphone with Noise Isolation

Another great product that is placed into the consideration for the best gaming headset under 50, comes from SADES. This company is doing a really good job in producing a budgeted headphones for gamers. Many people reported the great things about these headphones like a durable and fancy design, great sound and microphone quality and compatibility with other platforms. This model is the first on our list to have 3.5mm connector which automatically refers to better compatibility. You’re not limited only to PC, but you have a wide specter of platforms you can connect these headphones to including PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC and mobile platforms.

Overall, these headphones offer a crystal clear sound with a deep bass for even better sound quality along with a sturdy and gaming design. If you’re a gamer on a low-budget, you might love the features this model offers.

Features & Specifications:

Compatibility – These headphones come with 3.5mm connector which is perfect if you’re not only a PC gamer but rather a console geek. You can connect these to PC, PlayStation 4, New version of Xbox One and smartphones.

Comfortable for Longer Sessions – The gamers need earcups that are comfortable to wear for hours and SADES took care of that too. Soft earcups made from permeability protein enables a solid air circulation and personal adjustability. The earcups fit the person’s anatomy of ears.

Microphone – The microphone will satisfy all your needs. It always delivers a crystal clear sound accompanied with minimal background noise thanks to the great noise reduction technology. The microphone is flexible and adjustable, so everyone can set it up to their preferences.

Sound Quality – Although these headphones don’t have a 7.1 surround system, they have an acoustic positioning precision which improves the sound in games drastically. The speakers are perfectly placed, so you will exactly hear each step of your opponent. Also, speakers have a greater sensitivity thanks to the flux neodymium iron boron unit.

Other Features – Sound frequency ranges in 20 – 20000Hz, while microphone sensitivity ranges in 113 +/- 3dB at 1kHz. The cable is 2.2m long which is perfect cable length for a gaming headset.

Great price for the value you get

Compatible with many platforms

Superb sound quality on stereo headphones

Strong, durable plastic as the main material

Adjustable microphone that has a noise cancellation feature

Problems may occur while trying to connect the headphones on Xbox and PlayStation

No 7.1 surround system support

Cable quality


5. APIE Gaming Headset Comfortable Stereo Over-Ear Gaming Headset

The gaming headset from APIE took the fifth place on our list. These good-looking headphones have the variety of features for a low price. These are packed with LED lights to improve the atmosphere of your gaming environment, which adds to the overall design evaluation. Compatibility is the strong feature here as these headphones feature two ports: USB and 3.5mm. That enables you to connect it to any device you want. If you’re an Xbox gamer, you will need an extra adapter for these headphones to work.

For a budget as small as a one-course meal in the restaurant you get the sturdy, gamer designed and high-quality headphones that will improve your gaming experience drastically.

Features & Specifications:

Sound Quality – These headphones can parry to professional headsets when we’re comparing a sound quality. Although, there is no 7.1 surround system technology, intelligent bass system along with stereo speaker placement does the magnificent job. For a ridiculous price, you get a realistic and astonishing gaming experience.

Designed for Gamers – Blue LED lights give a special look to the overall design of this headset which can easily merge into any gaming environment. The headset is massive in dimensions as well as built from a high-quality plastic that can endure hits and drops.

Comfortable for Gamers – As you may know, the gamers tend to have the long gaming sessions often, so it’s important for them to have a comfortable headset. Earcups are made from cushiony pads that are easily adjustable and perfectly fits every person.

Microphone – This headset comes with an adjustable boom microphone that can be adjusted to each individual. Microphone produces a great quality sound, but it doesn’t have any noise cancellation technology, so you will occasionally hear background sounds.

Other Features – Sound frequency ranges from 20 – 20000Hz while microphone frequency is in the range of 100 – 10000Hz. It’s important to mention that you can’t connect the headset through USB port because this port is only used to power the LED lights. Cable is 2m long and is made of the great material that won’t easily break.

Robust in dimensions and are made of a durable plastic

Great intelligent bass accompanied with a solid sound quality

Compatibility with game consoles

Earpads that are comfortable for longer gaming sessions

Durable cable

LED lights that add up to overall gaming design

Microphone doesn’t have a noise cancellation feature

Maybe too big in dimensions for people who want to you this headset for music too

No Bluetooth or Wireless functionality


6. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PC

Another great budget gaming headset on our list comes from the company called HyperX. This versatile headset is compatible with many platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U, so if you’re enjoying in platform gaming from time to time, you don’t have to worry. HyperX paid attention to every detail, from overall design, color contrast to microphone position. The headset is adorned with a design that is especially attractive to gamers. When you accompany the artistic design with the features these headphones offer, you get the Cloud Stinger – the perfect headphones for gamers that are on a tight budget. Because of its various features, and compatibility, we think that this product could be the best gaming headset under 50. This headset has a better quality than a lot of more expensive gaming headsets we used.

Features & Specifications:

Rotating Earcups The comfortable ear cups can be rotated 90 degrees in two directions to make it easier to adjust them to each person’s preferences. With this feature, you’ll become able to have longer gaming sessions because you won’t notice the lack of comfort while these headphones are in your head. For additional comfort, the ear cups are made from signature memory foam that adjusts to each person differently.

Volume Controller – An intuitive volume controller is positioned on the right earcup and you can easily adjust desirable volume for each situation. The implementation on the earcup is better than on wire because everything is in your hands.

Microphone Quality – The sound quality of the microphone is amazing thanks to the noise cancellation technology that is great for reducing all background sounds. Your peers will only hear your voice in crystal clear quality. Also, the microphone mute feature is innovative implemented. Just put the microphone in the vertical position and you muted the microphone.

Gaming Design – Cloud Stinger are manufactured by the company which is paying attention to every single detail. Earcups are comfortable for longer gaming sessions, the whole headset is built from a light, but the durable plastic material and steel slider adds to overall build quality. For a funny amount of money, you get very sturdy headphones that will last for a long time.

Other Features – This headset is compatible with many platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. The official weight of the headphones is only 275 grams, so you won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. These are connected through 3.5mm input which means you can use it on your smartphone too.

You’re getting the superior features for a tiny budget

Great comfort thanks to the adjusting earcups and lightweight design

Compatible with many gaming platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC and smartphones

High-quality microphone that comes with an excellent noise canceling features

Only a decent sound quality

No 7.1 Surround System technology

Bass could be deeper

7. Etekcity HIFI USB 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Gaming Headset

The 7th placed gaming headset on our list comes from Etekcity. This headset is packed with the amazing set of features focused on the gaming industry. You can use it for really long gaming sessions because of lightweight design and comfortable earcups that are built from memory foam. If you’re a console gamer, you should skip this headset because it lacks the compatibility with popular gaming console; it’s compatible only with PC.

If you regularly enjoy watching movies or listening to good music, these headphones could be a great fit for you because of 7.1 surround system. With the HiFi system, you are certain that you’ll get a deep and clear sound every time.

Features & Specifications:

Sound Quality – You can’t beat the 7.1 surround system that is producing an HIFI sound with deep bass. This headset is perfect for playing games as well as watching movies or listening to some good music.

Comfortability – The headset is made from durable but lightweight plastic accompanied with the over-ear design which made it perfect for gaming sessions. Earcups are made from memory foam that adjusts to each person’s ears. The over-ear design of the earcups is responsible for the great noise cancellation, so you won’t hear any outside sound while having them on your head.

Compatibility – While these headphones are compatible with Windows and MAC platform, these aren’t compatible with any gaming platform. So if you’re enjoying playing PC games, this headset could be the best gaming headset under 50. If you are playing console games too, we recommend to pass them.

Sound Controller – The sound controller is small in dimensions and amazingly designed. This controller is packed with many functions like volume control, adjusting the microphone angle, vibration and more. You can easily set up everything regarding the sound using this controller.

Other Features – The weight of this headset is 405 grams and they can be connected to PC or MAC only through the USB port. Frequency response is in a range of 20 – 20000Hz and cable is 2.2m long.

Great price for the features and quality you get

7.1 surround system accompanied with deep bass for realistic gaming experience

Multi-function controller that allows you to manipulate with the sound input and output

Comfortable ear cups even after a few hours of usage

Compatible only with PC and MAC while ignoring all gaming consoles

Great sound quality in games, but not so great in music and movies

Low-quality vibration feature

8. BENGOO Stereo PC Gaming Headset 7 Colors

Another great over-ear headset for gaming comes from the company called Bengoo. The first thing you will notice on these headphones is their innovative gaming design. It looks spectacular because of irregular lines and LED lights that give an extra look. The type of this headset is over-ear that comes with skin-friendly leather earcups for the extra comfort. The lightweight design and memory cushion on the head bridge make this model one of the most comfortable model on this list. The USB connector powers the LED lights that can light in 7 different colors.

If you’re a passionate PC gamer who is looking for headset great in design, but at the same time brilliant in the sound quality and comfort, you’ve found your match. You can’t go wrong with the pair of BENGOO headset if you’re on a strict budget. The reason for such a low price is that they are still relatively fresh on the market, and they want to make their market share bigger.

Are the cool product design, and comfortability most important to you?  Then take a deeper look, because maybe this is the best gaming headset under 50 for you!

Features & Specifications:

Sound Quality These budget gaming headphones produce amazing sound overall with the help of the high-precision 50mm driver. Using that technology, the headphones are armed with realistic and precise sound which is perfect for gaming. Also, the padded earcups cut all the background noise, so you only get the clear sound left.

Innovative Gaming Design – This headset comes with predefined seven different LED colors that are breathing on the earcups. Along with the designed lines and comfortable head bridge, this model is attractive to gamers because the innovative design that stands out on the list.

Compatibility – Although, this headset is perfect for PC gamers because different technologies that improve the sound quality, it’s only compatible with PC. You can forget to connect them to your gaming console, so if you’re a passionate console gamer, pass these out and try something else from the list.

Super Comfort – It’s commonly known that gamers tend to spend many hours in front of games. To be able to do that you need to have comfortable headphones. This model is armed with memory cushion over head bridge and skin friendly leather earcups. You won’t only feel the comfort, but all the background noise will be removed.

Sensitive Microphone – The microphone is very sensitive and people will hear the very clear sound of your voice accompanied with a few background noise because this microphone doesn’t come with any technology for noise reduction. You can adjust the microphone however you want as it is a 360 degree inflected.

Sound Controller – The regular sound controller is placed on the left earcup. You have two options on the controller including volume control and microphone mute. It’s a far better implementation than the regular cable implementation because the cable will last longer in this case.

Innovative design attractive to gamers accompanied with 7 different breathing lights

Technologies that improve the sound quality drastically

Lightweight design along with memory cushion for extra comfort

Ideal for people on low budget

Compatible only with PC

Microphone sound quality is quite poor

Wire quality isn’t top-notch


9. Razer Kraken Pro Analog Gaming Headset for PC

No gamer never heard for Razer hardware. This company is one of the leaders and pioneers in gaming hardware industry, so it’s hardly possible you never heard of them, even if you’re not passionate about gaming. Razer Kraken is amazing gaming headset specially designed for gamers with having the smallest detail in mind. The elegant design accompanied with the remarkable green Razer logo make this headset so powerful. Technologies that enhance sound quality, extra padded earcups for comfort and compatibility with gaming consoles is such a few features these headphones have.

If you’re a gamer who wants a premium quality headset for gaming on multiple platforms which is recognized and renowned in a gaming world, we think that you just found your best gaming headset under 50.

Features & Specifications:

Compatibility – No matter if you’re playing games on PC or some gaming console you will be able to connect this headset which is such a great feature. Also, when you push your microphone in the earcup, you can connect them to your smartphone and enjoy the music.

Comfortability – Like all Razer models, this model isn’t different looking from the comfort aspect. A lightweight design packed with memory foam on the earcups is the perfect combination for all night gaming sessions.

Superior Sound Quality – Deep bass, realistic and precise sound is implemented with the 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers that are manipulated to give the best possible sound output. The gamers reported an accurate and specific determination of the direction of the enemies in games using this headset.

Microphone – This headset has a fully retractable microphone that is muted when is pushed in and people can hear you once you pull it out. That implementation is perfect for people who aren’t speaking a lot during the game wars as well for people who enjoy in listening to the good music or movies.

Sound Controller – It’s placed on the cable and you can easily control the sound volume in every moment.

Other Features – This headset has a great looking design each gamer will recognize. Also, the minority of budget headphones has a sturdy and durable cable, but it’s not the case with this model.

Great construction quality accompanied with lightweight design and comfortable earcups which is perfect for long gaming sessions

Price for the features you get

Deep bass and amazing sound quality in-game

Compatibility with gaming consoles and mobile platforms

Durable cable that lasts

Microphone quality and not so good noise cancellation

Regular sound controller with no extra features

10. Woner GM-1 Earphone Specialized for Games

The last, but not the worst gaming headset on our list comes from a relatively unknown manufacturer called Woner. When we decide to put the headphones on our list, we are looking at the price tag and the features you can get for that price. This headset is awfully cheap, but the features that come with it is surprising. Great looking design with LED lights, high-quality rotatable microphone, comfortable earcups and professionally tuned sound are just some of the features this model offers.

If you’re on a strict budget, GM-1 from Woner is a gaming headset you should go after.

Features & Specifications:

Gaming Design – This model has a great looking design specially created for gamers. The combination of black and red color accompanied by the LED light give this headset a dramatic look attractive to gaming population. Also, the headphones are made from a lightweight, but durable plastic that will last for years of gaming.

Superior Sound Quality – The speakers are placed in the perfect position to have a 3D sound effect and along with professionally tuned sound, this headset produces a realistic sound that can precisely determine the direction of the enemy in the games.

Comfortability – Earcups and head bridge are surrounded by the skin-friendly leather that has little holes in it for the breathing reasons. These earcups warm your ears during the winter season and keep them cool during the summer. Adjustable earcups can fit any person, so this model is a great choice for people who like to spend many hours in the games.

High-Quality Microphone – The microphone is 360 degrees rotatable, so you can set it for your needs. The noise cancellation technology is used with this microphone, so your teammates will hear the crystal clear voice without any background sounds.

Compatibility – This model can be connected to PC, smartphones and PlayStation 4 without any adapters, but you can connect it to the Xbox One if you have an additional adapter. You can use this headset for different occasions.

Feature list for the price you pay

Great sound quality accompanied with really deep bass

Lightweight design and comfortable earcups perfect for prolonged gaming sessions

LED lights that add up to the overall design

Made from the plastic that doesn’t feel durable at all

Cable doesn’t last for long

Why Should You Use a Gaming Headset

Why every gamer should have the headset for gaming and how to choose the best gaming headsets under 50 for yourself. Read everything here.No matter if you’re a passionate gamer or a guy who occasionally enjoys playing video games, you should consider getting at least one gaming headset. Why is that the case? You saw 10 different gaming headsets for under 50 dollars which is just crazy. For that small investment, you can get the well-designed headphones that are comfortable for longer sessions and sturdy enough not to break. Many people think that you need to spend a fortune to buy yourself a fair headset for gaming, but that is simply not the case.

We reviewed the headsets in a price range up to $50 and you could notice that the majority of these models are packed with the great features. You can get the features like 7.1 surround system for a precise sound and deeper bass, background noise cancellation, super-sensitive microphone, comfortable earcups suitable for the all-night gaming sessions and much more. We are sure that you could find your best gaming headset under 50 from this list.

If you’re a PC gamer, you can use your headset for watching the movies and listening to the good music. The sound quality of the headphones will do their job perfect not only in games. Be careful if you’re a console gamer because the majority of headsets from the list aren’t compatible with the gaming consoles. Some of the headphones are compatible with the consoles, but you need to acquire the compatible adapter.

Many people reported a huge impact on their gameplay when they started to play with the gaming headset. The reason for that is more precise and clear sound accompanied with the microphone that is responsible for the communication. The microphone is often packed with the noise cancellation feature, so your teammates will hear your voice in the crystal clear version. Specially deployed speakers enable you to determine the direction or actual position of your enemy in the game. Further, extra padded foam ear cups and lightweight design are responsible for the superior comfort. You won’t even feel that you’re wearing the headset.

Types of Gaming Headsets and Which One to Choose

When it comes to types of headsets, there are only four main types you can choose between at the market. The types are Earbuds, In-ear, On-ear and Over-the-Ear headphones. It’s really up to you to pick the type that suits you the best. Choosing the type is a matter of taste, but also each type has its advantages and disadvantages. We will point out to all pros and cons of each type of headset, so it will be much better for you to choose the type that fits you the best. It is very important to find the perfect type because if you make a wrong choice with headset type, you will not be happy with that product, even if it is the best gaming headset under 50.

Earbud headphones This type revolutionized the headphone industry because of its portability, dimensions, price and sound quality. Using this type, you can be sure that you’ll get a decent sound quality with a good bass which is great if you mainly use the headphones for the music. If you intend to use the headphones for gaming then earbud type isn’t the best fit for you because of the poor background noise reduction, bad comfortability and adjustability to the ears and these can hurt you if you use them for an extended period.

The majority of this headphones is compatible with many platforms including PC, smartphones and gaming consoles (with the use of an adapter). If you decide to go with earbud type, we advise you to check the brands like Philips, Sennheiser or Sony as these companies are delivering top-notch models.

In-ear headphones This type is very popular among people who’re using their smartphones a lot. These are very portable because of its small dimensions which is a great thing if you’re using the headphones for the music. Is this type equally good for gamers? While this type is relatively cheap compared to other models, the features and sound quality don’t differ. A small amount of money can get you the very durable and good headphones for gaming.

The only downside of this type is comfortability. The name of the type tell you all; these headphones are placed inside the ear, so after a longer usage your ears might hurt. It’s not advisable to use this type for a prolonged period as it may hurt you. When choosing this type, pay the special attention to an ear tip material as memory foam is far more comfortable than silicone.

On-Ear Headphones This type is a far better solution than the previous two models because it offers a superior comfort compared to last two types. Earcups sit right over your outer ear and are usually filled with the memory foam for the extra comfort. The best features of this type are lightweight and foldable design, portability, great sound quality thanks to the sound technologies and super comfort which should be one of the main features the gamers are looking at.

Although this type of headphones has a tremendous feature list it may cause the irritation of the ears because the padding can get moist, so always clean the pads before using. The background noise isolation isn’t well implemented and there is a highly possible that you can hear some outside noise that interferes with the game sound. We advise you to go with Sennheiser brand while choosing these headphones.

Over-the-Ear Headphones The last type of gaming headset, and in our opinion the best, is called over-the-ear. The name tells everything about this type; it covers the whole ears. These headphones are often massive in dimensions but offer a premium sound quality accompanied by the deep bass for extra realistic feel in the game. Also, the majority of these headphones come with the extra cushioned pads that offer a superb comfort which is needed for gamers as they often have the long gaming sessions.

These headphones are very comfortable, have a high background noise isolation, come with the technologies like Dolby 7.1 surround and can last for an extended period. There are only a few downsides of this type; you will probably need an amplifier to reach their full potential and the price is much bigger.

If you’re passionate about gaming and you want the best experience while gaming, you can’t go without a good headset. We advise you to go with the over-the-ear type of headset because it’s specially designed for playing the games for longer periods. The rich feature list along with not so big price attract the gamers to this type of headphones.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Headset Under 50

Choosing the perfect gaming headset that will suit all your needs is everything but an easy task. There are many things and features you need to take into the consideration while choosing the headset so that it can be a very time-consuming process. We wanted to simplify your life, so we created the list of the most crucial features a good gaming headset must have.

Here you can find the best PC gaming headset under 100 dollars if you’re not on a strict budget.

Compatibility – You must know the platform you intend to use your headset on. The majority of headsets isn’t compatible with any gaming console, so if you’re passionate about console gaming, you should be extra cautious while choosing.

Comfort – Which type is the headset you plan to buy? Go for over-the-ear type as it has a cushioned pads with memory foam that fit any ear and can be used for a prolonged period.

Microphone – If you’re buying the headset specially designed for gaming, the chances are you will need a high-sensitive microphone that will produce a crystal clear sound without any background noise. The microphone implementation could be another thing you should look at. The most practical microphone is a 360 degree one with the mute option when setting vertically.

Sound Quality – What kind of sound do you expect while buying a headset for gaming? You should look at the headsets that have many technologies like Dolby 7.1 surround system that will drastically improve the sound quality. Also, the sound quality is responsible for a gaming success. If you can hear the precise direction of your enemy, you’re in the advantage. So, always look for headsets that are armed with some technologies for the better sound and deeper bass.

Design – We bet you’re always giving the advantage to better-looking headphones than the rest. Design plays a huge role in headphones because great headphones are made from extra durable plastic that won’t feel like a cheap one and that are very sturdy ones. Pay special attention to the materials the headset is made of.


Here you have the list of the best gaming headsets for under 50 at your hands. Pick wisely.We made the list of high-quality gaming headsets with different features to give you the possibility of choosing the best gaming headset under 50 dollars, depending on your preferences. These ten models are in our opinion the best ones you can find on the market if you’re on a strict budget. We took into consideration every aspect and feature a great gaming headset must have while picking them for the list.

Now you have all the headphones on your hands along with the valuable information that is needed if you’re choosing to buy a headset for gaming purpose.

The majority of these models could be used on many platforms and many occasions like watching movies or listening to the music in a subway.

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Best Gaming Headset Under 50 Dollars
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