Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Here's the complete guide on finding the best gun safe under 500 for your home.

You want to protect yourself from burglars or home invaders? Maybe you want to store your gun collection out from the reach of your children? The best choice for you be to get a gun safe. If you’re looking for the best gun safe under 500 dollars, you’ve come to the right place.

People use gun safes to store their firearms and ammunition so that these items wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Cities are more dangerous every day, and more and more people are getting firearms so that they can protect their family.

Getting the best gun safe under 500 dollars is an essential thing to do if you find yourself in need to protect your loved ones. We all know that children can be curious and if you happen to own firearms in your home, there could be a high possibility that they will harm themselves, thinking it’s a toy.

You can put all of these potential risks away when you get a gun safe. What’s even better, you can find them at relatively low prices, so you don’t need to worry about spending much money on your protection. You just have to know where to look.

That’s where we come in with our comprehensive best gun safe under 500 dollars guide which will help you with your choice.

PictureNameDimensionsPrice RangeOur Rating
Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe7.9" x 17.4" x 16.1"$$$4.9
Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe19.8" x 20.9" x 40"$$$$4.7
Stealth Defense Vault DV6526" x 52" x 14"$$$$4.6
Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet55" x 32" x 13.5"$$$4.5
SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 754007" x 48" x 24"$$$4.3

Find a comfortable place as we’re going through each feature one high-quality gun safe should have:

1. Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

This technologically advanced gun safe is the best offer that highly emphasizes on the value for money term. What makes this gun safe different from the others is the highly advanced fingerprint sensor that eliminates the clunkiness of the keypad. That increases the security of your firearms and offers additional user-control options. The gun safe itself is made of solid steel, and that fact alone makes sure that your guns stay inside the whole time. This combination of technology and high-quality design is backed up by a battery that powers up the lights and the fingerprint sensor itself. This gun safe is a bargain, and that’s why it’s the best gun safe under 500 dollars.

Features and Specifications:

FBI Certified Fingerprint Sensor – this piece of technology makes this gun safe stand out from the many other cheaper alternatives thanks to its top-notch implementation. While many would shun away from gun safes featuring fingerprint sensors, this silicon sensor features a 3D imaging system certified by FBI. Thanks to that, this sensor works with an unprecedented performance and puts many other finger sensors to shame. The Anti Spoof Liveness detection helps with increasing the security of the sensor and makes it know who has the privileges to open the gun safe. Thanks to all these quality of life implementations, you can be sure that no one will get to your firearms inside this gun safe as well as reducing the time to open it. It’s a win-win combination.

Alert System – when someone who hasn’t got his fingerprint authorized on this gun safe gets his hands on this gun safe, it will take note of that. No wonder it’s called SmartSafe. The tamper alerts will notify you when someone has attempted to unlock the gun safe and detect failed reset attempts. All these attempts are logged on a timestamp that the alert system shows. More safety is always welcome, especially when you’re keeping firearms inside.

Extended Battery Life – this safe has excellent battery life even though it offers many features that should drain the battery more. What makes the battery last for longer? You can find the answer within the specifications of the Pico and Boost power solution. These are two technologies that work together to ensure that the Smart.Safe operates for years without the need to change batteries. Pico power is a CPU that is designed to consume less power as well as maintaining peak performance. Boost power ensures that the LCD screen is at the reasonable brightness and that the motor spins at a constant speed. When these two are working together, wonders happen.

Easy User Management – you don’t need any application or other services to manage the Smart.Safe. Everything is integrated into it. First-time users will have to register, and that is made simple and quick thanks to the wizard that guides users step by step on the LCD screen. When you’ve made an administrator of the safe, you can add or remove users, see who has opened the safe and have all the information saved in the system. These tasks are made quickly with the cutting-edge technology that powers this gun safe.

Design – if you don’t feel safe enough with all the technology powering Smart.Safe, you can rest at ease as the construction of this gun safe is satisfyingly sturdy. It is made of solid steel and features safe doors and walls that protect your firearms from any external factors. The safe doors will lock every time you close them, so you don’t have to worry that you have forgotten to do it. Inside the safe itself is a nite-light of low intensity that will illuminate the interior of Smart.Safe. If you think that this option is unnecessary, you can always turn it off.

Dimensions– you can get the Smart.Safe in 3 different sizes, and it doesn’t disappoint on that front either. The S4000 model is 14.4″ in width and 5.8″ in height. You can get a smaller model in the form of S3000, that is 13.2″ in width and 7.8″ in height. The last model is S6000, and it is the largest one, featuring width of 17.4″ and height of 7.9″. You get a lot of space for such a low price.

 Solid steel construction

Quality of life technology implementations

Fingerprint sensor works like a charm

Consumes less power

Some design quirks

2. Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior Executive Fire Safe with Electronic Lock

This large gun safe from Stack-On could be the best gun safe under 500 dollars for purists. It’s made of solid material that can withstand severe temperatures which adds more to the security front. This gun safe features three shelves in the interior and offers much space for your firearms. The electronic lock does a great job of keeping your guns out of reach of children and keeps your family safer than ever. It is certified by the California DOJ so you can be sure that this gun safe will keep your guns safe from unwanted hands.

Features and Specifications:

Electronic Lock Mechanism – this lock mechanism is a standard gun safe lock, with a few tweaks. You get a keypad, which is pretty straightforward and a handle that must be turned around to lock the gun safe. The electronic lock mechanism ensures that these two features work as intended and to provide more information to the user. Some features like the operational light that indicates when the safe is open, when the battery is low and when there was the incorrect entry on the keypad make this gun safe even more worth the buy.

Design – the first thing you’ll notice when you see this gun safe is how large it is. It comes in black and silver color combination which greatly emphasize on the purpose of this gun safe. The gun safe itself is made of solid steel material and features a 4-way locking system that will protect your firearms from any culprit. The high resistance to fire makes sure that this gun safe is hard to unlock by anyone who hasn’t got the key combination. The Stack-On-Elite safe can withstand 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, which equals 760 degrees Celsius. When the safe is under high temperature, the door strips will expand and protect the contents.

Dimensions and Other Specifications – we’ve already told that this gun safe is on a pretty large side. Its dimensions are 19.8 x 20.9 x 40 inches which should be large enough to store a few guns inside. Size does matter, and with the large scale comes the bulkiness. This gun safe weighs 265 pounds, and this feature complements the size of it. The interior is fully carpeted and makes sure that your guns are stored safely and comfortable. There are also three shelves inside this gun safe, and they are fully adjustable which means that you can make more space for your guns if you wish so.

Fairly large size

High fire resistance

Designed to be an unbreakable fortress

Keypad works as intended

Very heavy

Cannot store rifles or larger firearms

3. Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Gun Safe

When storing your firearms, there is a question which gun safe is the ideal choice as well as which place is perfect to hide your guns in. This gun safe from Stealth Safe Company can answer the second question with its intuitive design that is made to blend into your house interior. It is made to be stored under your bed so that it can be out of reach for your kids and intruders. You also can sleep much more relaxed, knowing that your firearms are within your reach if you happen to be in a situation when you need their protection.

Features and Specifications:

Electronic Lock Mechanism – this gun safe features a keypad which doesn’t break any ground. What makes it stand apart from other bed safes is that it is electronically infused and makes it easier for every user to keep their firearms safe. The keypad has an integrated backlight, which illuminates the keypad and makes it much easier to open it at nighttime or dark. Great technology implementations help in making this electronic lock more reliable than others.

Pullout Drawer Design – when you type in the correct combination, you slide the locking bar to open the gun safe door. It functions as a drawer, just that it’s a solid steel drawer that makes sure that your firearms stay safe inside. The tray inside the safe is padded in foam and keeps your guns from getting scratched. When you put your weapons inside this gun safe, expect them to stay shiny and scratch-free as the first time you put them inside.

Dimensions and Other Specifications – as this gun safe features a drawer design, you can rest at ease knowing that you can store longer firearms like shotguns or rifles inside. It is made of 14-gauge steel which makes it incredibly durable. The external part of this gun safe is 6 inches in height, 52 inches in length and 14 inches in depth. It also features mounting holes that are pre-drilled and that makes it very easy to mount it to the floor or even under your bed, for extra security. The gun safe is large enough to store three longer firearms, and that is a great bargain for such a low price. It is also verified by California DOJ, and that gives it a label of high security.

Intuitive drawer design

The keypad is backlit

Can store longer firearms

You can mount it on the floor easily

No key backup option

4. Stack-On GCDB-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

When talking about size, you don’t get bigger than this model from Stack-On. It is the best gun safe under 500 dollars for firearm enthusiasts who have a lot of guns at home but don’t want to spend too much for a gun safe. You can rest at ease knowing that you can get a fairly sizeable gun safe for a meager price. The construction and lock mechanism of this gun safe is made with high quality in mind to increase the security of your firearms inside. If you value size and value, make sure you check out this one.

Features and Specifications:

Size and Design – we’ve already told you that this gun safe is kinda large, so let’s get to some actual numbers. This gun safe is 55 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep. That tells us a lot of how much space this gun safe has. The interior of this gun safe can hold ten shotguns of rifles without getting overcrowded. It also features a bottom that is foam padded to reduce scratching of your firearms. There is a section perfect for storing ammunition or handguns that features four shelves that are foam padded and removable. Customizability is the essential factor that makes this gun safe great.

Lock Mechanism– the reinforced steel door already protects your firearms well enough, but the added 3-point locking mechanism seals the deal here. This locking system features a lock that is double-bitted and key coded for increased security. You can rest assured that no one will get close to reaching your firearms with such a secure locking mechanism.

Other Specifications – aside from the section for ammunition and shotguns/rifles, there is also a barrel rest and barrel standoff section perfect for storing the scoped firearms. You can even mount this cabinet easily as it features a flush mount bottom explicitly made for fastening it to the floor. The top and bottom holes are pre-drilled to ensure secure mounting to the floor or wall. This gun safe comes in Black and Green colors, depending on your taste.

Interior is well-organized

Can store a lot of guns

3-point locking mechanism is excellent at keeping your guns safe

Not fireproof

Left cabinet is a little narrow

Can easily fall if not mounted

5. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe 75400

This heavy-duty gun safe is ideal for people who want their firearms secure and in arms reach. You can use it for other tasks other than keeping your guns safe, like keeping your valuables and documents safe from unwanted hands. As it isn’t that heavy, it is portable enough so you can carry it around and put it in other rooms or even in a vehicle. Portability and security are the two main factors that make this gun safe one of the best you can get under 500 dollars.

Features and Specifications:

Heavy-Duty Design – this gun safe is made of 16-gauge steel material, and because of that, it is very durable. It would take someone to pry open this gun safe some 30-40 minutes because of the durability of the material. This gun safe also comes with holes that are pre-drilled for easier mounting on the desired surface.

Versatility – the interior of the drawer is carped-lined, which makes your firearms the same as when they were when you put them inside. That also means that this gun safe can be used to store items other than weapons, such as jewelry, documents and other things that may be important to you.

Locking Mechanism – on the door that is pry-resistant are two handles and a keypad that increase the security of the content inside this gun safe significantly. This gun safe allows traditional locking method as well as a digital one. You can program the keypad with two codes, and if by any means the locking mechanism breaks or loses power, there is a set of emergency keys to make you rest at ease. Sadly, the keypad doesn’t feature a backlight, so it may be a little harder to unlock it at nighttime.

Other Specifications – this gun safe also comes with a cable that is 3 feet in size and increases the overall security of the contents inside the gun safe by anchoring it to some stationary object.

Great locking mechanism

Made of durable material

Lots of space for your firearms and other things

Easy to move around

Keypad lacks backlight

Not waterproof

Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars – Informative Guide

It's important that you keep your guns at the safe place. Here you can find best gun safe under 500 and at what features you need to pay a close attention.

When you want to choose the best gun safe, you have to consider that they differ significantly in some crucial features. When you’re on a low budget, you have to find a combination of low price and great features. While that may prove to be a tedious and consuming task, we’re here to help you with that. Here are some of the crucial features that may make or break the deal when choosing an ideal gun safe for your home:

The Lock System

It is one of the most important aspects of a gun safe, and it’s the thing that makes your firearms secure from intruders. Today, you can find gun safes that feature dial locks, electronic locks, and key locks. Some do even feature fingerprint recognition software, which could be the most secure way to keep your guns away from unwanted hands, but also prone to error.

Dial locks are the most durable and are also a reliable choice. They are a bit slower than other unlocking methods, but the added security doesn’t hurt. Electronic locks are faster than dial locks, and with them, you have the option of setting your combination for unlocking the safe.

Key locks are the easiest way to access your gun safe, but you also have to take note of where the key is, so it may not be an ideal way to secure your gun safe.

It all comes to your preference which lock mechanism you will choose and feel most secure with.


When looking for the ideal gun safe, you have to take note of the space it offers. Your gun collection will most likely increase over time and find the gun safe with an ideal size would be the best option for you. With gun safes, bigger is always better, but finding an ideally sized gun safe for a low price may be a more difficult task.

Keeping that in mind, thinking about long-term future is a must with gun safes, so choose the gun safe that fits into your long-term goals.


Everybody knows that if you own a heavier safe that it will be harder to move. That feature may prove helpful to prevent someone from moving it or stealing it away from you. You shouldn’t rule out lighter gun safes either.

You can easily mount lighter gun safes to the floor or wall and enjoy the same security you would get with the heavy gun safe.

Thickness of Steel

It doesn’t matter if your gun safe has the most advanced locking mechanism if it could be pried open in minutes. That’s why steel thickness is critical when choosing the gun safe. You wouldn’t want the burglars to open it with no effort.

That’s why the walls of the gun safes are steel plated. Today, you can find most gun safe steel plates that are 10-gauge or 12-gauge thick. If you want the most durable steel plate, then look for smaller gauges. Thicker steel makes you and your gun collection more secure, long-term.

Bolt Layout

Another important thing that is a huge factor in the security of the gun safe is the bolting system. The most secure option is two bolts on every side of the safe. While more bolts may cost you more, it doesn’t hurt to have more security for your weapons.

Now that we have shed light on some of the essential features that determine if the gun safe is worth the buy, let’s talk about some common topics concerning people that want to buy a gun safe:

Why Do I Need a Gun Safe?

That is a good question. You could always put your gun collection on a wardrobe or under the bed, but you risk the potential scenario where your children may find them and possibly harm themselves. There is also a risk that burglars may come into your house and you would just make their job much easier because you didn’t own a gun safe.

You may tell yourself that the risk of something like that happening is very low. After all, we live in the world where almost everything is possible, so why shouldn’t we secure our things better? Also, if you happen to own a vintage firearm, it would be the best to secure it somewhere away from potential danger.

When you consider all these things, if you own firearms in your home, it is in your best interest to keep them safe in a gun safe. That way you’ll keep them secure from unwanted intruders like your children or even burglars. Your weapons will also be much more reliable because they won’t gather so much dust as they could’ve outside the gun safe.

Which Lock Should I Choose?

We’ve already talked about locks on gun safes. This question bugs many potential buyers and with a reason. Every locking system has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and it may be difficult to choose the ideal lock system for your gun safe.

Today, people are starting to use biometric locks which function by analyzing your fingerprints. Biometric locks are the fastest unlocking method, as you don’t need to remember the password. Considering this, it is a relatively new technology, so it is understandable that it isn’t the most reliable lock system to choose from. They also run on batteries, so if they run out, that’s it.

Electronic locks also run on batteries and give you noticeable feedback when you enter the code correctly or incorrectly. They are faster than the traditional mechanical locks, but as they run on batteries, there is always a risk that they might run out of juice and your keypad won’t function.

Finally, we come to the good old mechanical lock. The main benefit of the mechanical locks is that they don’t require batteries to run, so you have one less worry. They function in a way that you have to enter the combination by dialing the lock left or right. You can’t change the combination, so if you forget it, that’s it. Also, the mechanical locks are tedious to use and must be checked at least every five years to ensure that everything is working right.

If the reliability is the most important factor when choosing the lock for the gun safe, consider getting a classic gun safe with a mechanical lock. Do you value speed over reliability? Then electronic or biometric lock may be an ideal choice for you.

The most important thing is that you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. It all depends on your personal preference.


Now you have the list of best gun safes under 500. Pick accordingly and help yourself with provided information.

Gun safes are being used more frequently these days. They are meant to protect your firearms from burglars and children. Collectors also adore gun safes as they offer a comfortable rest for their vintage guns.

Whether your reason is, if you own a gun, it is an ideal choice to get a gun safe for it. That way you’ll rest at ease knowing that it is there and that nobody can get to it.

Finding the best gun safe isn’t an easy task, as you need to look into many factors that must suit your preferences. But one thing is sure; finding the best gun safe under 500 dollars should be a breeze with our comprehensive guide.

Keep your guns safe!

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