Best Record Player Under 100 Dollars – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Find out what is the best record player under 100 dollars on the market. Check out our comprehensive guide.

Record players can be considered as time machines nowadays. They have been used before the 1970s when there were no tapes, MP3 players, and whatnot. You couldn’t fast forward or rewind the playback. That’s what makes record players popular with people in recent times. You just put a vinyl record inside, lay back, and enjoy the jam. Some prefer record players over the digitalized form of music for reasons unknown. Maybe it’s the nostalgia. Or maybe it’s the compactness of the player itself. The fact that you can tamper with the playback is also what makes the record players better for some. It makes you enjoy the music, with no compromises. These devices are usually on the more expensive side, and choosing the affordable one may be a tedious task. In this article, we prepared the list of best record player under 100 reviews.

Also, when you go through each record player and its features, you will stumble upon a comprehensive and genuine informative guide. The informative guide is filled with valuable information that will definitely help you in choosing the record player on your own.

Here you can find a table of best affordable record players:

PictureNameSpeed SettingsPrice RangeOur Rating
GoJiaJie Vinyl Record PlayerThree-speed settings$$$4.8
JORLAI 3-Speed Wooden Retro Turntable Belt Driven LP Vinyl Record PlayerThree-speed settings$$$4.7
Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo TurntableTwo-speed settings$$$$4.7
ION Audio Max LPTwo-speed settings$$$4.5
MUSITREND Record Player ClassicThree-speed settings$4.4

That’s where we come in with our comprehensive best record player under 100 dollars. We hope it makes your choice much easier!

Let’s begin with the list:

1. GoJiaJie Vinyl Record Player

This vintage player from GOODNEW is a great contender for the best record player under 100 dollars based on the range of features it has. You can enjoy in the clear sound of your vintage records thanks to the powerful built-in speakers. It also supports many vinyl types, so you get some versatility with this one. Overall, this record player is a great choice if you want to listen to quality music for low money.

Features and Specifications:

Speed Settings – this record player supports three-speed settings: 33, 45 and 78 RPM. That means that you can play vinyl records of 7,10 and 12 inches, giving this record player a dash of versatility. It also features an Auto-Off option that automatically stops this record player when the vinyl has stopped playing. This, in turn, saves power, which comes in handy for long-term usage.

Compatibility – this record player supports a wide range of devices, from USB, Bluetooth to SD Cards, so you’re not only limited to vinyl records with this record player. For example, you can connect your smartphone to this record player with Bluetooth and play music this way. You can also transform music from the vinyl into USB or SD devices to play on your computer later.

Excellent Sound Quality – this record player system is set in motion by a belt drive. It is elastic and absorbs shock which in turn reduces vibrations that could damage the vinyl or the record player itself. You can enjoy in the clear and powerful sound thanks to the built-in dual stereo speakers. It also has a built-in FM radio.

High Durability the platter and plinth, that act as the key foundation of this record player, are thankfully made with durability in mind. A platter was made to be heavier so that it can offer more stability and less vibration when playing your records. The plinth is also extremely durable, being made of stainless steel and all. It provides more stability required to play your pieces of vinyl with fewer distortions.

Supports three-speed settings

Great sound quality

Supports a lot of devices

Built-in FM radio

Possible connectivity errors when connecting other devices

2. JORLAI 3-Speed Wooden Retro Turntable Belt Driven LP Vinyl Record Player

This vinyl record player is also one of the contenders for the best record player under 100 dollars, thanks to the unique mix of old and new. It boasts a retro look that will transport you back to the golden age of vinyl record players. Spicing up the deal are the modern features that customers want from their record players, such as better connectivity and sound.

Features and Specifications:

Old-School Design – this record player instantly catches your glimpse thanks to its signature natural wood design, which will transport you to the golden age of vinyl record players. That means that this record player is lightweight but durable. It also protects your vinyl records from dust, thanks to the removable dust cover. The multiple connections panel is on the back of this record player, and it supports a wide array of devices.

Stereo Turntable – the main part of this vinyl record player supports three-speed settings: 33- 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM. That means that you can play almost any vinyl record thanks to the extensive speed support of this record player. It also comes with a bonus 45 RPM adapter which makes this possible. As with other modern vinyl record players, this one features an Auto Stop option. It basically does what it says; it stops the turntable automatically after the vinyl stops playing to save power.

Excellent Sound – this vintage record player wouldn’t be a bargain if it was just about the aesthetics. But, this record player doesn’t disappoint with its two built-in stereo speakers that produce a clear sound that will satisfy your hearing senses. You can also connect this record player to external speakers thanks to the RCA audio outputs. The listening experience with this recording player is quite enjoyable.

Connectivity Options and Other Features – you can connect this record player to your mobile phone or any other device that has a 3.5mm audio cable support. One great feature of this record player is that it allows transformation of vinyl records to WAV or MP3 formats. That means that you can play all your music from the vinyl records on your PC or mobile device.

Retro design

Can transform vinyl music to MP3 or WAV

You can connect it to external speakers

Built-in speakers aren’t most ideal

3. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

This affordable vinyl record player is small but powerful. It isn’t too big nor too heavy, so this is a perfect combination. The sound quality is excellent and will satisfy anyone with a hearing sense. It also operates at the fully automatic pace, which makes it more like a CD player than a vinyl record player.

Features and Specifications:

Fully Automatic Operation – this record player operates fully automatically. That means that it will put the stylus for you and return the tonearm to its original position automatically after the record has stopped playing. It saves time for you to enjoy the good quality music. This record player supports two types of vinyl records: 33-1/3 and 45 RPM.

Sound Quality – this vinyl record player is powered by a belt-drive that greatly reduces the motor vibrations. That means that your records will have audio with increased clarity and fidelity, which is a must if you want to enjoy in your vinyl records.

Design – we’ve already shed some light on the design of this record player, but let’s talk about it more. The cartridge featured in this record player is magnetized, which makes vinyl records stay intact and produce high-quality sound. You can replace the diamond stylus if you want. The platter of this record player is made of aluminum and it is made in a way to minimize vibration for the best possible sound experience. This record player also features a dust cover that is removable and provides dust protection for your vinyl records.

Connectivity Options – this vinyl record player comes with a built-in pre-amplifier with RCA cables so that you can connect it to your audio system or external system. Other than the RCA cable, this record player comes equipped with a 45 RPM adapter so that you can enjoy in these vinyl records too.

Great value for your money

High-quality design

Can be connected to external audio sources

Supports only two speeds

No Bluetooth connectivity

4. ION Audio Max LP

This vinyl record player is a great mix of old and new. It looks retro but is packed with modern features that put the competition to shame. What’s even better is that it’s affordable and will play your favorite vinyl records with clear and high-quality sound. It’s a great choice for every consumer that values great value for low money.

Features and Specifications:

A Mix of Old and New – when you first look at this vinyl record player, you see a retro record player. It’s made with a natural wood finish which will compliment any room in your home. Included in this package is also a USB port and cable, which you can use to connect to your PC and convert your vinyl records to MP3 or WMV. Truly a mix of old and new.

Excellent Sound Quality – you can rest at ease with this record player as it plays loud and clear music. That is made possible with the stereo speakers of high-quality. You also don’t need to lose extra time for setting up the speakers because they are built-in. Just lay down and enjoy your music. The stylus is conical and diamond-tipped and can play records of 33-1/3 and 45 RPM.

Great Connectivity – you can easily connect your smartphone to this vinyl record player thanks to the 1/8-inch aux input. If you want to increase the sound quality of your records, the RCA output makes that possible. You can connect a home stereo system to this record player and enjoy in the maximum sound quality. There is also a headphone output included, so that you can enjoy your music with some privacy.

Mix of old looks and modern features

Many connectivity options

Great sound quality

Supports only two types of vinyl records

Doesn’t support Bluetooth

5.  MUSITREND Record Player Classic

This lightweight and portable vinyl record player ensures that you enjoy the best sound quality. It is extremely affordable and comes packed with a wide range of features that make it stand out from the competition. The durable design and many connectivity options make sure that this deal is highly valuable for every consumer.

Features and Specifications:

Excellent Design – what makes this vinyl record player stand out from the competition is its suitcase design that surprisingly gives out a retro vibe. Something like this is highly valued by customers. The record player itself is made of wood and wrapped with leather, which increases its durability.

Speed Settings – this vinyl record player comes with a classic three-speed vinyl support. It supports 33-1/3, 45 and 78 RPM vinyl records. You can adjust the record speed easily with the pitch control function and increase the volume with the slider on the record player.

Multifunctionality and Connectivity – this vinyl record player already has clear sound thanks to its highly advanced built-in stereo speakers. You can also connect it to external speakers thanks to the RCA output on the record player. There is also a headphone jack and aux input on this record player. With these two connections, you can enjoy a private hearing session on your headphones or listen to music on your smartphone. This record player also supports conversion to MP3 format. It is really an affordable vinyl record player that also acts as a multitool.

Supports three vinyl record speeds

Durable and old-school design

Excellent sound quality

Many connectivity options

Doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity

Built-in speakers are prone to breaking fast

Best Record Player Under 100 Dollars – Informative Guide

It is completely understandable that it can be a tedious task to find a decent record player on such a tight budget. But, after some research, the list of possible contenders for the best record player under 100 dollars suddenly shrinks. It is also good to know some of the crucial features that differentiate record players from each other.

Luckily, we’re here to help you with that. Here are some of the crucial record player features that will determine which one is ideal for you:


It’s the base component of the record player or turntable. The plinth is the foundation of the turntable and it supports other components of the record player. Choosing the record player with ideal plinth is a must.

Whether your choice is, it will reflect on the longevity of your record player. Many plinths on the market have feet. That means that the turntable will have increased stability which translates to playback with less interruption. Because of that, it’s highly recommended to buy turntables that have plinths with feet. That will be a better long-term investment, after all.

There are plinths made of metal, plastic, and wood. Cheaper record players usually feature plastic or wooden plinths, so choose accordingly. This is an important feature that will determine the sound quality as well as the longevity of your record player.

Platter and Mat

The platter is a crucial component without which the vinyl records wouldn’t output sound. It’s a feature of the turntable that rotates and upon which the vinyl records are placed. You should look for the heavier platters. Why is that so?

If the platter is heavier, that means that it will reduce vibration and reduce the chances of the vinyl record from skipping the playback. Record players with heavier platters are usually more expensive, but there are always some compromises.

You can always buy a mat for the platter to increase the quality of vinyl record playback. It is installed easily. You just place it between the record and the platter. The benefits you get with installing it are crucial. The grip will be strengthened, allowing for better sound quality. It will also reduce the vibration, increasing the sound quality even more.

Speed Selection

Vinyl records are designed to output sound at one of three speeds. These speeds are 33, 45 and 78 RPM. Lower speeds are the most popular today as these vinyl records are cheaper to make and are cheaper on the market. That means that lots of record players available on the market can play both speeds.

If you’re interested in playing the 78 RPM vinyl records, you should be prepared to single out more money for a turntable that can play these records. You can also buy a modification kit to enable the playback of these records.

Whether your decision is, you can also get a record player under 100 dollars that can play records with all these speeds.


It’s the needle that connects to the vinyl record, and it is responsible for the audio playback. You can find the stylus in a cartridge, which is regarded as one of the essential features of the turntable.

Making sure that the cartridge is well-made is crucial if you want your record player to play your music well. Most of the turntables will include generally good cartridges that house a stylus. If you wish to replace these parts, you need to spend more money.

Cheaper record players feature styluses and cartridges of lower quality. They make them of ceramic or plastic material and because of that, they break more easily. That’s why it’s essential to find a replacement sooner than later.

Now that we have shed some light on the essential features of record players, let’s talk about common concerns among record player buyers:

Automatic or Manual Record Player?

Here are the reasons for choosing automatic or manual record player.

There are generally two types of record players: automatic and manual. Manual record players require you to put the stylus or needle manually on the right spot. That requires a steady hand. Even with a steady hand, there is a high possibility that you will damage your vinyl record, and you want that to prevent from happening.

That’s why record player manufacturers have introduced cueing levers, which are essentially automatic needles. They will put the stylus on the right spot automatically with zero risks of damaging your vinyl record.

Besides cueing levers, there are also some automatic features that are good to have on your record player. Every record player owner knows that when the vinyl has nothing to play anymore, it gets in a silent loop. That loop prevents the stylus from getting into the label area and starting the vinyl playback from the beginning.

If you want to stop that loop, you need to lift the forearm of the record player. Before, you would need to do that manually. Today, most record players have an auto-stop option that will stop the stylus and prevent it to get into that loop.

New record players also have an option of automatically returning the tonearm. That means that you can press the play button and have everything automatized for you. When the stylus gets to the end of the vinyl record, it will automatically move to the beginning. This option is most desirable when you have a record of nonstandard size.

What’s Better? Direct or Belt Drive?

This is the constant question that plagues the record player customers, and it doesn’t have a straightforward answer. What’s important to know is that these two drives determine how the motor drives the platter of the turntable.

With direct drive record players, the motor shaft will attach directly to the center spindle. The spindle and platter rotate at the same rotation speed when the motor rotates.

In belt drive record players, the platter will turn with the help of the elastic belt. That means that the motor won’t touch the belt directly. In that case, the motor and the platter don’t rotate at same speeds because of diameter differences.

When comparing these two, there are some advantages and disadvantages with them both. Direct drive has a better torque speed. That means that the platter will get to that right speed much faster. This is ideal for DJs because they are constantly moving the records with their hands. To make this work, the turntable must be able to regain its speed after the platter is released.

Direct drives are noisier because of the motor and platter contact. Needle picks up the motor vibration and makes more noise.

Belt drives are quieter because the motor doesn’t connect to the needle directly. The elastic band helps with reducing vibrations from the motor, resulting in less noise. What would be the main disadvantage of the belt drive is that you need to replace it often because it wears down after some time.

So, when determining which one of these drives is better, there isn’t a correct answer. The only answer that we can give is: if you’re a DJ, you should get a direct drive. If you just want to lay back and enjoy the jam, then the belt drive is ideal for you. Here’s your answer.


It's easy to find a good quality record player, even if you're on a tight budget.

You can easily find many record players on the market that has a feature-rich list, even on a tight budget.

Record players have enjoyed a sort of renaissance in recent times. Even though they are less advanced than many other modern playback devices, there is still a high demand for them. Why? Many people claim that turntables produce better sound quality than the modern playback devices.

They are also made for the people who want to enjoy their music with no interruption. There is something in the calming and relaxing sound with a few distorts that brings the nostalgia to the hearts of many people.

We have gathered our picks for the best record players under 100 dollars which are affordable and offer superior sound quality. So, lay down and enjoy the jam!

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