Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar Review

CAP Barbell Pull Up Bar product guide. This equipment enables you to have a full body workout from the comfort of your home!

If you are interested or you are building a garage gym, there is no substitute for some power rack. Why power rack is necessary and how to decide on which one you should invest your money? Keep reading, and I will show you the best money-quality ratio power rack.

A garage gym isn’t fancy like those new age gyms and also there are no distractions. Just you and weights. The basic equipment of every garage gym is power rack because you can perform a full body workout on it – with or without additional weight.

A great thing about this particular power rack is that it’s a complete home gym. You’ve heard it right. Won’t need to spend a fortune on building a garage gym because Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar is everything you need for less than 100$.

Sounds too good to be possible? Keep reading because I will talk about features, customer reviews, and much more. If you like this product, I will give you a link to save a whooping 200$.

Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar is strong free standing pull up bar, so you’ll be able to perform heavy sets as well as dynamic movements like 360 muscle ups and other advanced calisthenics movements.

Here is a list of most effective exercises that you can do with this product:

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Leg raises
  • Dips
  • Dynamic movements like muscle-ups and variations
  • Static movements like levers, flags, planches
  • Squats, deadlifts, bench press (you’ll need to invest some money in additional weights and bench)

#1 Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar is everything you need for your home workouts

If you’ve just started with calisthenics or you are an advanced athlete the Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar is everything you need for your workouts. You can perform basic movements. You can add additional weight to basic movements. You can perform compound exercises like bench press, squat, deadlifts and more. In other words, you invest your money in a full body equipment.

#2 Easy installation

Detailed instructions are included. It doesn’t mean anything if you have experience with some product from Amazon because some product is tough to assemble even if they have detailed instructions. That is not the case with this one. This free standing pull up bar is a relatively big item, so you may think that it’s a hard process to install this giant, but it’s not. You just need to follow the instructions, step by step. A full installation only took about 100 minutes for such a big item.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions of a power rack (D x W x H) 46“ x 50“ x 85.“
  • A high-quality construction made from steel
  • Product is constructed for stability and durability
  • Additional items like bands, plates, and bars are not included except a pull-up bar at the top
  • A powder coat for extra durability of the product
  • Weighs only 60 pounds

Simple and great-looking design

Sturdy construction


Price for the value you get

Easily combined with other equipment to have even more efficient workout

Weight capacity is only 300lbs, but you the bar can hold way more

Robust dimensions

Not so stable while doing advanced movements

Our Thoughts About the Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar

Personally, I haven’t been using this product so much because I prefer smaller and portable equipment more. But while doing some work out on this power rack, I don’t have many negative words. I enjoyed my training on it because it is a versatile product. As I said, it’s suitable for calisthenics as well as for weight lifting and like you may know those two are a great combination for great results.

The price of Cap Barbell Power Rack is hilarious when you look at other power racks, but I want to mention that if you decide to buy this product, you will need to invest some money for additional equipment like weights, rings, benches, etc. When you look at the bigger picture, you can have a complete home gym for less than 200$. If some good workout equipment is cheap, then it is the Cap Barbell Power Rack.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

Here you have the most detailed and honest review on CAP Barebll Pull Up Bar - a perfect equipment for a home workout.

This rack is perfect as it enables users to perform various bodyweight exercises. If you’re an advanced athlete, you can even add additional weights on you and get even better results from your workouts.

Currently, there are about 150 customer reviews on Amazon. The majority of real buyers gave 4 or 5 stars. We are talking about 80% of buyers. Only 20% of customers gave this product 3 or fewer stars which are an excellent ratio. The 154 reviewers gave this product an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

There is a huge portion of satisfied customers and only a minority of dissatisfied customers, so it is hard not to mention the fact that this product is one of the best selling power racks on Amazon.

The minority of customers who haven’t pleased with this product complained about installation and stability of this product. Some buyers didn’t get all parts; some buyers got wrong or damaged parts, so they weren’t able to assemble it. Other customers complained about the stability of this product. One customer said that he needed to put additional weights on it because it was not stable, another buyer stated that this product moved too much, but these buyers are the minority.

80% of buyers were extremely pleased with the product. One customer said, „Great for weight lifting and doing pull ups.“ another one said, „Best bang for the buck.“

After I’d read a lot of customer reviews, it will be a sin not to recommend you this product as an addition to your home workout equipment.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a complete home workout equipment, then I advise you to check the Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar because this item has great features for such a small price. Like any other equipment we review, this item will last forever because its construction which is made from steel. However, we want to warn you about a few things before buying it.

You’ll need to invest some money for additional weights if you’re looking for really stable product. Also, if you are buying a power rack specifically for weightlifting then don’t buy it because it can only hold about 300 pounds, which is not that big number if you are advanced in squats, deadlifts, and other compound exercises.

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Cap Barbell Pull Up Bar Review
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