CFF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Review

christiansfitnessfactory pull up bar - 300 lbs

Do you want to perform pull ups in your home every day, but you’re scared of the doorway pull up bar and their stability?

CFF wall mounted pull up bar is your perfect choice! There is a ton of fail videos where people fall off with their doorway bars and injure themselves. Don’t be one of them.

With CFF bar you don’t have to worry about that scenario because it’s literally impossible to fall.

Because this pulls up bar is wall mounted. You mount this beast on your wall or ceiling and train like a beast without a single thought of failing.

Want to build your upper body to the next level? It’ll become an easy task with this bar as you’re able to do the whole set of upper-body exercises along with the most basic ones.

I had a chance to do some training on this bar, and I decided to share my thoughts about this pull-up bar with you. In the next paragraphs, I provide you with a detailed product review.

CFF pull up bar - perfect for home workout

Pull up bar by Christians fitness factory is the perfect choice for an indoor workout. Install it on the wall and start with the effective training.

Why Should You Use CFF Pull Up Bar?

That pull up bar is one of the highest quality pull up bar on the market right now. If you want to train every day in your home, then you will spend a lot of time with this bar.

I like this bar for one reason – a sturdiness.

As you may notice, I literally love to do dynamic calisthenics movements!

Static and basic movements are great for building a great looking body, especially if you’re a beginner, but you will look for something more challenging very soon as you build up your strength. What’s more rewarding and challenging than doing muscle ups or other similar movements where the whole body is involved in performing a single exercise?

You can add additional weight to you; you can do muscle ups, dips, levers and other fancy movements without any problem. That’s the beauty of this bar.

If you are a serious athlete who’s looking for the effective way to build the body or maintain the form, I sincerely advise you to read this review to the end.

Features and Specifications:

  • Mountable on every wall or ceiling
  • A high-quality and heavy pull up bar
  • 46″ wide and 30″ from the wall
  • Easy installation
  • Holds up to 300 lbs
  • Mounting hardware included in the package
  • 25″ thickness

Easy installation

Quality materials

Good design

Durable product

Handles big weight

Not portable

Takes lots of space

Our Thoughts about CFF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

CFF pull up bar

High quality pull-up bars that are not going to make you disappointed.

I have a chance to try a lot of different walls mounted pull up bars, and this bar is the winner in my humble opinion.


I never felt safer while doing weighted pull ups. This bar can hold way more than 300 lbs, and it will still be sturdy as hell.

Versatility is another great feature of this bar. Like I said before, you can do a complete upper body workout using only this equipment. If you are a lover of static and dynamic movements, then this beast is the perfect match for you.

By the way, if you have some additional equipment at your home, such as straps, plates and Fat Gripz you can easily combine that equipment with this bar to increase the intensity of your workouts.

One thing I like about this particular bar is the installation. You literally won’t have any problems with installation if you have all the items needed. I want to clear up something.

If you are looking for a high-quality equipment that will last forever, then this pull up bar is a best-buy if you’re looking at a price-quality ratio.

Customer Reviews and Opinions

At the time of writing this review, there are about 120 reviews on Amazon. Exactly 71% of buyers gave full 5 or 5 stars to this product. It is a great indicator of the high-quality product and satisfied customers. Only a minority of people has some complaint about some features of the bar, and I will include it too.

I was satisfied with this product, so it is an easy task for me to recommend you to check this product.

First, I will mention what satisfied buyers said about the CFF wall mounted pull up bar. “Good bar at a good price!” and, “Product is sturdy and solid.” and, “Great pull up bar and exceptional customer service.”

The minority of buyers who gave this product low stars said, “Arrived in a damaged box.” and, “Half of the hardware mounting was missing.”

Buyers who had a negative experience with this bar complained only about the delivery and hardware. I need to emphasize that only 8% of reviewers had those complaints.

Final Verdict

Objectively, this pull-up bar is a high-end equipment. If you are looking for quality and simplicity, then this bar is a perfect choice for you.

I said that before, but I want to emphasize it – this bar is a bit pricey when you’re comparing it to other wall mounted pull up bars, but it will pay off to invest a few more bucks in this bar.

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CFF Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Review
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