Definite Guide to Stay Fit While Traveling

Read out comprehensive guide to stay fit while traveling around the world. Health matters!

We only have a definite amount of time as we know it. Life is precious, as is our time, so it is essential to know how to spend that valuable time.

Staying healthy should be one of our top priorities during life and it requires a decent amount of persistence and time to make that successful.

Every one of us tends to use that precious time for some activities that just don’t seem necessary. Even with that in mind, we all need some time to have fun, to relax from the productive activities we need to perform. What many don’t realize is that trying to stay fit and healthy is fun and bring many benefits to every one of us.

Working out is an essential step in the goal of staying fit and healthy, and without that step, you cannot unlock your true potential. Many people tend to give up on that step because how time-consuming and hard it can be.

But that is the whole point!

If you want to stay healthy and ensure that your mental health is at the top level, you must challenge your body as well as your mind to empower them.

When working out, you also get your stress level reduced, so it is also a great way to forget about other problems and focus on your well-being. If you want to have some decent results while working out, you should consider putting it into your daily routine.

One hour on a regular basis for working out isn’t that time consuming and you can enjoy a fun activity which is productive for your mind and body.

You can always go out for a jog and enjoy the scenery and exercise a bit. The gym is also a great place to do your workout sessions, but you can also work out as you would in a gym at home or any other location.

You also save yourself some money if you work out that way. Working out is exceptional in relieving stress and making you more healthy.

If you’re a passionate traveler who wants to stay healthy and in good form, keep reading:

Working Out While Traveling is Important

Traveling is also an excellent way to spend your time and to broaden your horizons. It is a great way to break from the routine you may experience at home and to experience something different.

It is also well known that some of the things you do at home just won’t fit the travel plan schedule. The most important aspect of staying fit and healthy while traveling is to put workout sessions in your schedule even while traveling.

That means that you will have to dedicate half an hour to an hour of your time for a workout session and that isn’t that much when you consider all the benefits you get when working out. Yes, you can still enjoy some other activities along the way, but you can also make working out more fun as any other activity you would most likely do when traveling.

If you dedicate one hour per day for a workout session, you only invest around 4% of your daily time on the activity that has a huge impact on the quality of your life!

It is crucial to know that basic exercise is also an excellent way to stay fit while traveling. That means that doing some basic things that get you on the move like hiking, riding your bike and going for a walking tour are great ways to ensure that your body stays fit when traveling.

Hiking, walking, running, yoga and other activities are crucia if you want to stay fit during traveling.

If you don’t have a time or money to do an actual strength training, keeping active will still do the thing for keeping your body fit while on the trip.

If you don’t have a time for actual exercise then at least stay active! That isn’t hard at all, especially for travelers like you!

It’s an exercise that doesn’t feature the same feel as a traditional workout, as you’re uncovering new places you haven’t seen before and done your body a favor while doing so.

Working out while traveling is also a great way to meet new people while traveling and to expand your conscience while acknowledging yourself with another culture. You can get all of these benefits and new experiences if you just free up an hour in your schedule for these activities that will make sure that you stay fit while traveling.

It isn’t that much time when you consider that you will be making a kind of long-term investment in your mental and physical well being which will prove to be very important as you enter the years of your life.

We know that it can be tricky to bring your workout equipment on your travels as that equipment tends to be bulky and too big a burden on your already huge travel luggage, but you can make some compromises that prove to be great alternatives.

There is always some possibility if you’re committed to the goal of having a healthy body.

One other significant thing is not to have any excuses. If you want to stay fit while traveling, you just have to convince yourself that it is mandatory for your workout to stay in your daily routine.

One day you might need to do an early morning workout, or a late night workout to fit it into your daily schedule. It is most important that you just do it.

Then you will understand why it is important to keep up your workout routine even while traveling. If you get your body out of shape due to the lack of quality exercise, then it is harder to go back to your regular workout routine.

From our experience, the hardest is to work out when you’re constantly changing places and moving. We did that during our European trip through Bratislava and Prague and it was very hard to work out. If you count smoking weed, walking and hiking as a workout, then we had a plenty of it!

The sooner you realize why working out is important, even while traveling, then you will achieve true greatness.

How to Work Out More Efficiently While Traveling?

Figuring out the best workout routine is the first step in making you stay fit while traveling.

The time that you will assign for a workout should be spent the most efficiently as possible, and thankfully, it’s not that hard actually. It is imperative to plan and to put extra effort in making your travel workout program work as you originally intended.

Make sure that your workout plan is manageable in the time you assigned to it because if you start unorganized, you will just add more stress where it’s not needed and that’s not the way you want to go.

Think of the ways to work out that are more convenient so that you don’t have to spend much of your time getting to the workout space.

It’s also very important not to overdo it; you can’t just get strong enough in a day, so managing your workout to optimal energy levels is a must. Doing more than you can manage has its benefits, such as further increasing your body strength, but this way you can damage your muscles, and you want to prevent that from happening.

Your workout plan must also be adaptable when traveling. You will often get in a situation when the hotel gym is limited and doesn’t offer the same potential to stay fit while traveling compared to other means.

More often you will find yourself doing a workout on a playground or outdoors rather than inside a gym.

It’s a great way to explore the beauty of the new place and to do your body and mind a huge favor. That’s why it is vital that you always have a backup plan for your workout if something isn’t ideal for your requirements.

Being adaptable is important in our life and it is very important to use this characteristic to stay fit while traveling. If you prefer to work out with equipment, there is no need to worry. You can bring some of your workout equipment on your travels, just expect to do some compromises.

Packing portable workout equipment like push-up stands, ab roller wheels, jumping rope and other lightweight workout equipment is ideal as this equipment doesn’t give much burden on your already packed luggage and provides more workout opportunities while traveling.

The most important thing is that your workout is efficient and that it uses your time and energy with maximum efficiency and helps your body stay in shape.

Aim to get at least 8 hours of high quality sleep per night to keep your body in a best function.

Aim for around 8 hours of quality sleep every night because your body needs an effective recovery.

Sleep is also essential when determining the effectiveness of the workout because it encourages muscle growth in your body which will ensure that your body is fit. If you want to get optimal results when working out, you should aim for at least eight hours of sleep, as it is enough to rest your mind and body and to allow it to function properly.

It is hard to get a good rest when traveling because most of the time hotel rooms are uncomfortable and it could be difficult to get some sleep when traveling between different time zones.

We recommend that you prepare your body for sleep with similar habits you do before bed and to expose yourself to artificial lighting from TVs and smartphones as little as you can. When carrying your workout equipment while traveling, you don’t need anything special.

The essential equipment should be a non-heavy bag with a jump rope and a few of quality resistance bands that are durable.

That way you can prepare for the training with maximum efficiency thanks to the jump rope and be safer when doing pull-ups in a gym or even on a tree. The possibilities are numerous and it is also recommended to bring your headphones because music can improve your workout performance, giving you more motivation.

Diet is also a key factor in maintaining a healthy body and you must be very careful what you eat, as it also plays a part in making your workout more efficient.

It’s important to eat food that contains higher amounts of protein, like chicken, steaks, fish and similar. Hotel food in most cases won’t cut it for you if you want to stay fit while traveling, so you will have to do some research, but it shouldn’t be that hard.

Also, avoid unnecessary food options that aren’t that ideal for your body like white bread or fast food.

Exchange these unnecessary food options with vegetables and make sure that you treat yourself with some food that contains more fat at times.

Now there you have it.

If you want your workout to be more efficient while traveling is to be organized and to be able to plan out your workout without giving up as well as following a healthy diet that also makes your muscles grow more.

Everybody can do it; you just need to be persistent enough and believe in yourself.

Best Ways To Work Out While Traveling

Bodyweight training is the most effective, cheapest and easiest way to stay fit while traveling.

Bodyweight training is the most effective, cheapest and easiest way to stay fit while traveling.

As we said before, when you go traveling, more often than not your routine gets completely erased while on a trip. People who work out in a gym may have difficulties finding the satisfactory equipment.

You can always take advantage of resources thrown at you, maybe a hotel you’re staying in has some fitting equipment for your training. You can easily work out in your hotel room if you bring lightweight equipment with you.

If you’re already traveling and want to stay fit while traveling why not integrate your workout with travel in some meaningful way?

Explore your surroundings and find an ideal place for your workout. You can stay fit while traveling anywhere with a simple workout plan that will greatly help with your goal of staying in perfect shape while traveling.

The basic strength training is a great way to stay in shape while traveling as well as having a great travel experience.

This kind of training is a great way to build your muscles and joints stronger after every workout session, as your muscles will be more prepared for more strength-based activity.

The best part of the basic strength training is that it is quickly done and it will target every muscle, as well as the added flexibility because this kind of workout can be completed anywhere.

The first step in making this workout routine work is to get moving and explore your surrounding, which can be fun and can fill your journey with more experiences.

As one of the most important exercises in the basic strength training are pull-ups, finding a pull-up bar or a swing set is a must. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to find a playground with a pull-up bar as many things out there can act as a pull-up bar.

Sturdy tree branches or building overhangs can easily take a spot for the pull-up exercise.

You may get a few looks here and there, but the goal to stay fit while traveling and staying relaxed is the thing you should focus on. If you can find one of these things, then you can easily do a full workout that should take an hour of your time.

This workout consists of several exercises that emphasize on hardening up your whole body as well as upping your strength.

Pull Ups

Pull up is a very effective exercise for building your upper-body strength. The only thing you need is some bar, but it’s easy to find something useful for pull ups on playgrounds. You need a vertical bar that is strong enough to support your weight.

Another alternative is to pick a portable pull up bar that can be mounted on a doorway in your hotel room.

  • Place your hands on the bar and take a shoulder width grip
  • Start from a dead hang position
  • Pull yourself up until your chin isn’t above the bar and stay in that position for a second or two
  • Go back in a starting position as slow as you can
  • Repeat the process few times

There are also many different variations of pull ups you can do that will target different muscles. You should combine different variations to have more benefits of the workout.


This exercise is great for empowering your lower body as well as developing your core strength. There are many types of squats which you can do, but the core idea of how to do them is the same.

It is important that you put your feet in a way that they are slightly wider than the shoulder width and make sure that your toes are pointed outward a bit. Next, you must bend your stomach and bottom and lower your body slowly.

Squats can also be done almost anywhere, so it is an ideal exercise for your goal of staying fit while traveling.

The most important part is that you lower your body as far as you can. A squat is done if your upper things are as low as possible. When you get as low as your body can, then you should pause, and quickly go back to the starting position.

This exercise may take a bit of practice, but when you do it the right way, you should quickly feel the positive results on the shape of your body.


The lunge is also a great basic strength exercise that will empower your lower body and is easy to do while requiring no equipment. Doing this exercise in a right way will ensure that your body stays in great shape while traveling.

First, you should take a shoulder-width stance while standing. Then you step out with a leg of your choice and lower your hips to the point when the knee of your back leg almost touches the ground.

Your goal is to step far enough so that your front knee doesn’t extend past your toes!

When you’re sure that you’ve done this exercise in a right way, quickly go back up with the help of your front leg. Then you can step out with your alternate leg and repeat the process.

This exercise will ensure that your leg muscle shape is on point and will help maintain your overall body in perfect shape.

Push Ups

This is that kind of exercise that you can do anywhere, be it somewhere outdoors where you can enjoy the view, or behind 4-walls in the comfort of your hotel room.

It is a very important exercise in this workout plan because everyone can do it and your weight doesn’t matter that much.

Push-ups are also a great way to strengthen your chest muscles, shoulders and arms and your whole body in the process. This exercise builds up your core strength like a plank exercise, while also improving the other parts of your upper body.

Many types of push-ups will emphasize different parts of your upper body.

Whether your preference is, it is very important to know how to do a push-up properly. The first mistake many people do when doing push-ups is expanding your elbows all the way out. While it may be easier to do push-ups like that, it’s a way that will just burn your energy with less optimal results.

What you want to do is to tighten up your elbows and keep them to your side so that your arm and chest muscles are working as they should be. Your arms should be at your side and you should tighten up your core and bottom so that your body resembles a straight line from head to your toes.

You can also use push-up stands to do them more properly, and that piece of equipment is lightweight enough to fit into your travel luggage.


To circle out the basic strength workout plan, you definitely should try doing crunches. It is a great exercise that will empower your ab muscles and maintaining your body in great shape while traveling.

The reverse crunch is an ideal exercise for our basic strength training program as it can be done anywhere and is a perfect way to empower your muscles with no equipment. What you want to do first when doing this exercise is to lie down on your back and make sure that your palms are staying flat on the ground.

The more you bend the legs, the exercise become more easier.

Don’t make it too easy for yourself if you want to see some results, but also don’t overdo it. Finding the perfect balance isn’t that hard and will greatly benefit your well being after all.

While keeping your shoulders, bottom and hands on the ground, you should raise your legs towards the stomach to ensure that your core is tight enough. When you make that movement, make sure to raise your legs vertically and your bottom will slightly come off the ground, indicating that you’re doing this exercise in a good way.

Then lower your legs back and return them to the original position. If you do this the right way, you should feel some movement in your stomach which means that your ab muscles are working and staying in great shape while doing so.

These mentioned exercises will enhance your overall body strength while requiring a very small amount of equipment.

Example of Simple Traveling Workout Routine

Simple travel workout routine everyone can do.

The great thing about these routines is that you don’t need any equipment and you can basically do it everywhere!

The ideal workout plan integrating these exercises for a start would be to do 3 series of 10 for each exercise mentioned.

Depending on your current fitness level, you can adjust the series and repetitions that suit you the best.

If you can’t perform 10 repetitions at once, don’t worry, separate the repetitions until you don’t get the total number of reperitions.

Beginners’ travel workout routine:

  • 3 x 10 squats
  • 3 x 10 pull ups
  • 3 x 10 lunges
  • 3 x 10 pushups
  • 3 x 10 crunches

Advanced travel workout routine:

  • 2 minutes of jumping rope
  • 3 x 10 burpees
  • 3 x 10 chin-ups
  • 3 x 10 jumping lunges
  • 3 x 10 wide pull ups
  • 3 x 10 diamond push ups
  • 3 x 2 minutes of plank hold

This workout strategy will help your body to stay on point when it comes to great shape as well as preparing your body for everything a traveling experience may throw at you.

Even when you don’t have enough time, it’s important to be active so that your body stays in shape. When you feel that you can do more, don’t hesitate. Up your game and start doing more series to ensure that your body and mind are constantly improving.

The main benefit of this workout strategy is also that if you maybe don’t have enough time for a workout, you still know that you have worked out your whole body compared to the workout plans that emphasize on different body parts for every day.

It’s also very important that this basic strength training routine can be easily done in almost every space you find yourself in and with minimal equipment, so you don’t have to worry about additional nuisances.

Also, tracking your progress is a great thing as you should challenge your mind and body by telling yourself that you can do more than the last time.

That is the essence of keeping your body in great shape and challenging yourself is also healthy for your mind. Everything that matters that you’re better than before and that everyone can achieve that.

This workout routine also is better than going to a gym because you can explore your surroundings while working out.

Traveling is all about experience and exploration, isn’t it?

Then you may get a hint why do we take care of our bodies. We all have one chance to take care of our body as we know it and doing these activities constantly remind us why life is so amazing.

Food Tips To Stay Fit While Traveling

Healthy diet is crucial to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Picking the right food can make or break your workout routine.

If you plan to stay fit while traveling, maintaining a right kind of diet is crucial. Your main priority should be on healthy food which will bring healthy weight to your body as well as maintain its great shape.

The way you eat is very important as your diet will make up almost 90 percent of how your body functions.

What’s important is that you can gain healthy weight at an affordable price, but eating should be on your priority list while traveling if you want to stay in shape.

Maintaining the right kind of diet while traveling will greatly benefit your mind and body as well as skip the drastic measures you may do on your return, such as quickly gaining weight with unhealthy calories.

A simple, yet efficient nutrition plan should greatly help your body to stay in shape while traveling as it can be easily applicated anywhere you go.

The crucial thing is that you eat real food every time you can and not rely on liquid calories or empty, as they are very unhealthy and are not a great source of calories that will help with maintaining your body in shape.

Many people on a trip start to consume empty calories like soft drinks, fast food, trans fat food and similar.

That food will make you feel full, but your body won’t benefit from it.

You also shouldn’t count your calories all the time and rely on timing your meals as your schedule may get updated all the time and you’ll need to be flexible to make most choices right.

All being said, the main thing is to give your best and not freak out as staying fit is very important at all times. You should aim for food choices that will keep you satiated.

This type of diet will mainly consist of vegetables for additional vitamins, some protein source (from animal meat or legumes) and fruits.

You can add nuts into the picture as they offer a decent amount of calories to maintain your energy levels at reasonable levels. Rice or potatoes are also good in moderation and they’re usually the cheapest way to get some calories and carbs.

You should minimally eat bread, pasta and liquid calories as these are processed food and an unhealthy way to fill up your body with calories.

This type of diet is popularly called the Paleo Diet and it is hands-down the best kind of diet if you want to stay fit while traveling. It is filled with food types that have existed for a long time and these food types can also be easily found almost anywhere you go, making it much easier for you.

This type of diet is also very simple to maintain and you won’t need to space out extra time for weighing food or counting calories.

Keeping up with this diet will most likely expand your decision-making skills and greatly help with maintaining the shape of your body.

Processed food like bread, candy, pasta, pizza and soda should be avoided as it is unhealthy and full of ingredients that aren’t that healthy for your body.

The main focus while sticking to this diet plan is on healthy and quality food from natural sources. Fortunately, that kind of food is fairly easy to find anywhere you go.

So, when talking about specific food, these next paragraphs will explain the best choices you can make for great value for your food budget:

When choosing meat, eat real meat and not processed meat. While real meat is usually more expensive than processed meat, it’s also a way better way to get the proteins and calories you need with less risk of getting your body out of shape.

Processed meat is full of unhealthy junk and should be avoided even though it’s a cheaper alternative.

Cheap Protein Options?

Eggs are very cheap but still effective and healthy choice for protein source.

Eggs perfect cheap source of protein while offering the highest biological protein value and good amounts of amino acids.

Chicken, turkey and duck meat is a great way to get cheap and overall healthy proteins and calories. Fish meat prices vary by country, but this kind of meat is also a great way to get some proteins and calories for your body as well as getting other health benefits. Crab, clams, lobster and shrimp are also a great addition to this diet while being moderately cheap.

Eggs are also great and cheap and they offer the highest biological protein value you can bring to your body.

Don’t tell you don’t have time to prepare eggs as it’s very simple and fast, but also you can add many different ingredients like bacon, cheese, vegetables to make your meal even healthier and tastier.

Here you can find the most interesting egg recipes everyone can do for cheap on the trip.

They also contain some other nutrients that will greatly benefit your overall health. Just make sure that you buy quality eggs, as cheaper eggs often have undesirable quality.

What About Vegetables?

Consider putting vegetables in your diet as they are full of minerals that promote a healthy body function.

When choosing vegetables, know that dark and leafy green vegetables are the best choices. They’re simply the best choice because they are filled with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that greatly benefit your health.

Spinach, broccoli, green leaf and dandelions are a great addition to your diet because they are good to eat and provide great health benefits such as enriching your blood with iron, improving your heart and brain function and so much more.

You can find dark and leafy green vegetables at almost every supermarket at varying prices and quality.

Choose wisely and you will reap many health benefits. When selecting oils, make sure to choose the kind that is natural, as they offer the best results for your overall health and are not hazardous to your health.

The best contenders for that would be avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil, as they offer a high amount of saturated fatty acids and offer significant health benefits which will prevent some diseases from happening.

While it may be expensive in some countries you visit, it is an irreplaceable part of this diet if you want to stay in great shape.

Also, once you invest in the oil, you can easily use it for an extended period.

But I Love Fruits!

Fruits are great source of vitamins and energy that'll keep you going.

There are many kinds of fruits out there, and they’re also great because they are a great source of carbs and calories.

Some fruit contains more calories, so if you’re planning on weight loss, limit the amount of fruit you eat.

Avocado is especially good as it’s low in carbs but filled with healthy fats which will keep you satiated and in great shape.

For a snack, consider nuts, as they are a great source of healthy fats and calories for your body. Just don’t eat loads of them, as they offer a higher density of calories.

Almonds are great as they offer a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and proteins, which will sate your appetite for a while.

After a workout, make sure to eat sweet potatoes and yam, as this combination is full of calories and carbs which aren’t that good for your health, but you have to make some compromises to bring the energy back after the workout!

Bacon is also a great way to get some fats, but don’t eat loads of them as they are not the healthiest kind of fat you can bring into your body.

Try to put bacon in your morning omelette for an old school breakfast!

The most important thing about every meal is that it has a protein source combined with at least one vegetable or carbohydrate source.

You should be prepared to increase your food budget a bit, but it’s a solid trade off for achieving an important goal of staying healthy and in great shape.

Many would tell you that you stick to rice and pasta as it is the cheapest way to get some carbs in your body, even though they’re not so good for your health.

This kind of food is best before a workout as they offer a good amount of energy needed for a workout.

You should also be prepared to eat some unhealthy meals like sandwiches and grilled food, but the main thing is that you should aim for the best food choices you can make in the given moment.

One day you may be in a restaurant with less healthy options, but the priority is to carry enough calories to keep your body in shape.

You should plan and do the best you can with your money while making some sacrifices with your budget to keep your body in great shape while traveling.

If you’re committed to the goal of staying fit while traveling, then these sacrifices are necessary.

It requires some changes, but these changes come with a huge payoff!

Also, don’t be afraid to enjoy the delicacies of the foreign countries you travel to, even if they’re not that healthy, you should focus on making 80% of what you eat healthily and the other 20% on anything else.

You heard for 80/20 rule, right?

Finding a balance is also an important part of making this diet work, so if you’re going to eat a particularly big meal, then eat less during the other meals to ensure the optimal calorie gain for your body.

The important rule of this diet is never to eat two meals that are bad in a row, so that bad meals don’t become a habit.

You should also be prepared for times when you just have to relax with a couple of friends and a couple of drinks. Moderation is the key word here.

Alcohol isn't so bad if you know how much to dose it.

Always drink water with alcohol if you want to avoid hangovers.

Drinking alcohol isn’t very healthy for you, but we all have to make some trade-offs that aren’t necessary to enjoy the moment.

Even while drinking, in moderation, you can still lead a healthy life!

Drinking water between every drink is essential to keep you hydrated at all times and this trick works like a charm in avoiding the unwanted hangover the morning after.

Liquor and wine, when sipped slowly are the healthiest options you can get. Drinking light beers and quality beers are also good, in moderation.

Avoid drinks that contain sugar, like mixed drinks and energy drinks mixed with alcohols. Sugar isn’t good for your health and may lead to many long-term health problems.

Try to drink with purpose as you will get calories from drinking alcohol. The critical thing is to stick to the few rules of this diet plan and you can be assured that you’ll stay fit while traveling.

How to Train With and Without Equipment

There are many exercises you can do on your travels without a single use of equipment.

We’ve already specified which kind of workout is the ideal one when you’re traveling and that’s the basic strength workout. This type of workout doesn’t require equipment other than finding a suitable surface for doing all the exercises.

Working out like that ensures that your body stays fit while traveling and enriches your journey with more experiences as you can go sightseeing while doing a workout.

Jogging and riding a bike are also great activities for helping your body stay in shape and also are capable of enriching your travel experience.

If your plan is to work out with equipment, that’s fine, but may also be more time-consuming without giving the same results. The most important part is to ask around; there may be a gym or some workout equipment in your proximity you don’t know about.

Just be prepared that hotel gyms may not be ideal or may not fit into your travel budget.

The best way to train with equipment is to bring your lightweight equipment on your travels and work out in your room or outdoors at the appropriate surface. This choice is based on your personal preference.

Workout Equipment on the Go

If you're looking to stay fit while traveling, then consider buying a jumping rope.

Jumping the rope is perfect if you want to lose the weight.

If you want to work out while traveling with some equipment, your best bet is to bring equipment of your own.

Of course, that means that you’ll need to be ready for improvisations, you cannot bring heavy weights or a bench with yourself on the trip.

What you should be aiming for is lightweight equipment that will make doing some exercises much easier than without equipment.

Yoga mats are very affordable and don’t weigh much, so this piece of equipment can easily be packed in your travel luggage without using up much space.

Push-up stands are also considered as lightweight equipment and they will greatly help you with doing pushups the right way.

Ab roller is also a great piece of lightweight equipment that may come in handy when you’re out traveling; it’s just two handles that are connected to a wheel.

The complete portable equipment you can bring into your luggage should be a portable pull up bar that can be mounted on a doorway of your hotel. That way, you’ll be able to perform a full-body workout from your hotel without spending too much time.

It’s a simple piece of equipment that can make your workout even better when working out in appropriate space.

Jumping rope is also small enough to fit into your travel luggage and the benefits it gives to your workout is not to be ignored.

Resistance bands are also great because they offer many exercise options while making your travel luggage no heavier than it already is.

While you can’t bring more advanced equipment with you on your travels, you can still bring a lot of lightweight equipment to ensure that you stay fit while traveling.

What Are You Waiting For?

Stay fit while traveling isn't that hard task as you may think.

If you’re a passionate traveler, the chances are that you’re an active person who wants to see and explore the world. It’s not that hard how you may think to stay fit on your trips.

The main thing when deciding to stay fit is to step up and tell to yourself that you don’t want to be like „everybody else“. Staying in shape is very important for our mind and body and it is hard enough when we’re in the comfort zone of our home.

How can we possibly expect to stay fit while traveling?

There is a way, but doing so will require some changes in your life:

The first part is that you have to be serious about this decision because it has to become your routine, a thing you have to work for. In the end, it offers a huge payoff.  Then you must be active, make exercise the part of you.

Hike and walk more, it all counts for the greater good.

Basic strength training is the best way to stay in shape while traveling, aim for this kind of training every other day or at least once in a week. It all counts in the end. The food you eat will play a huge part in helping your body stay in shape.

Eat real food and don’t be afraid to spend a few more bucks for an overall better meal that will be better for your long-term health.

Avoid eating bad food two times in a row, or else it could become your new routine, and that’s the thing you want to prevent from happening.

Enjoy in unhealthy food here and there, but don’t make it your constant as everything you do for your body will be compromised. Speaking of enjoyment, drink alcoholic beverages with purpose and know your limits.

Water is essential, and make sure avoid sugar.

The most important part is to give it your best to stay fit because as we know it, we only get one body in which we can stay in great shape.

Every decision counts, and that’s what this is all about. A bit of determination is the key factor of success.

Good luck, and stay fit!

Can you combine traveling and working out? How does your workout routine look like?

How to Stay Fit While Traveling
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