Do You Really Need an Expensive Gaming Headset?

Here are the reasons why you actually don't need an expensive gaming headset.

If you’re into gaming, the chances are you’re familiar with the importance of the sound while playing the games. Yes, the sound is a very crucial thing for gaming and without a good sound playing the games won’t be the same.

Many people buy an expensive headset for gaming and they think it’s a good investment as the hardware won’t broke so easily and it will deliver a high-quality sound.

Is it true?

We were very interested in that phenomenon that we did research on it.

Do gamers need to spend a fortune on buying a gaming headset? 

We will answer to this question and break the myth once for all!

What is a Gaming Headset?

Well, the term gaming headset refers to headsets that are specially designed for gaming. It means once you buy the headset, it will be filled with the features that are important to gamers.

The most important features for gamers:

  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Surround system
  • Microphone
  • Other features for improving in-game experience

The most popular companies that produce and sell gaming headsets are Razer and Logitech. Don’t get us wrong, these companies are doing a great job, but is it worth to buy a headset from them?

The average price of headsets from Razer and Logitech that have the features from the list above costs around $100 up.

You will get an all-inclusive list of features, but is it a good investment to spend so much money on a single piece equipment? What about the sound card? What about the graphic card?

If you’re into gaming seriously, then you know that headset isn’t so crucial like other hardware. If you spend $100 on the headset, you will have less money to invest in other hardware which isn’t so good.

If you have an integrated sound card and the high-end headset, then you won’t be able to use every bit of its performance, so it is not the smartest move you want to do.

Do You Need an Expensive Gaming Headset?

We will be direct here. No, you don’t need a gaming headset if you want to play games!

The majority of gaming headsets from the companies like Razer and Logitech are marketed so well and you’re paying a majority of the money to brand. The thing is that you don’t pay for the value only.

Do you want to pay like half of the money for the brand?

If you check the Amazon for the keyword gaming headset, you will notice that majority of headsets cost no more than $50!

If you start to do further research, you will soon notice that all of these headsets have been reviewed by people who are passionately playing video games. And reviews are mainly positive!

It's better to buy cheaper headset and invest money in your sound card.

You don’t need to spend more than $50 for a quality gaming headset. Instead of spending a fortune only on the headset, invest some money to sound card so you will get a better quality sound output.

Even some cheaper headsets have more positive overall reviews by the users!

That was enough for us to continue with the research, so we started to collect all the information about these cheap headsets with great ratings on Amazon.

Alright, so the majority of these cheap headsets have all the features of $100 more expensive ones.

The sound is pretty deep accompanied with surround system that will enable you to hear the steps and make your experience more realistic.

You will spare at least 50 or more dollar on the headset and you will have money to invest in, for example, a high-quality sound card that will boost the sound quality even more!

Once you combine a good headset with a sound card, you get an amazing sound output that often outperforms these expensive gaming headsets.

What else to ask for?

Final Verdict

Budgeted gaming headset

If you’re spending more than $100 on your headset it means you’re giving at least half of your money for the brand and not the value.

We advise you to do research for yourself before buying a new headset that you’ll use for gaming.

Spending more than $100 only on the headset isn’t the best option as you will pay more than half price for the brand. You won’t get more value if you spend more. Remember that!

Check out the list of gaming headset under 100 reviews!

It’s better idea when building your gaming rig to invest less in the headset and put some money in a sound card. That way you will get even better sound for less money, but the features will be the same.

Our opinion is that gaming headsets from big companies like Razer and Logitech are overpriced and as that, it’s not worth to invest in it because you won’t get the value you pay for.

Do You Really Need an Expensive Gaming Headset?
Article Name
Do You Really Need an Expensive Gaming Headset?
Are gaming headsets legit or just another marketing trick? Find out the real answer backed by facts in this informative article.

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