Honest Maxi Climber Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Maxi climber detailed guide and reviews

With each day, more people realize the importance of regular working out. What’s the most common excuse people will give you when you ask them if they work out? It will probably be something like “I love to work out, but I’m wasting all my time on work.” or “Oh, I’m simply too exhausted when I come from work to go to the gym.” and I really love this one “I will start one day...”

You know the rest of the story!

People can find excuses everywhere and anytime, but we shouldn’t rely on excuses if we want to achieve something in life, right?

Health is an essential aspect of life that people often neglect. It can lead you to disaster if you don’t pay enough attention to your body.

Many people simply don’t like working out in crowded gyms as they’re losing time on commuting and paying a huge amount of money for memberships. Is there any alternative?

Well, there are many alternatives, but the most effective one is called a home workout! You can literally build muscle, lose excess fat or whatever your fitness goal is if you’re working out at home!

There is a recent buzz on Maxi Climber – a home exercise equipment that helps in building muscles while simultaneously burning fat. Many people swear this climber is working and everyone should have it.

It’s definitely awesome to see people change their life with the use of single equipment, but in reality, is it a useful machine?

We don’t rely on a single resource when it comes to health, so we decided to do comprehensive research on Maxi Climber and provide you with an honest and unbiased review.

In this guide, you’ll read everything about this vertical climber and after reading this piece, you will know more and could definitely make a proper decision based on the information you get.

So, find a comfortable place as this guide describes and explains all the aspects of Maxi vertical climber.

Let’s start with the crucial features:

Maxi Climber Will Provide You With Intense Full Body Workout!

Maxi climber provides you with a total body workout from the comfort of your home

The most important thing when it comes to home exercise equipment is versatility or in other words, how many exercises can you perform on the machine. It’s pointless to get equipment for only one exercise, right?

Don’t worry; Maxi Climber gives you a chance to perform a full body workout from the comfort of your home!

How does the machine work?

It basically functions like any other vertical climber since it mimics the movement of mountain climbing. If you’ve ever involved in mountain climbing, then you know that your arms and legs work together. That’s the case here too!

When you put your arms and legs to the Maxi climber, you must be sure that you’re moving the same leg and arm at the same time. If you’re doing that, then you’ll have an intense total body workout.

This vertical climber has one tweak that enables you to work out longer and it’s called a stationary handle. For instance, if you feel incredibly fatigued in your arms, you can put your hands on these static handles and work on your legs only.

It gives you two types of workout!

Also, if you’re new to vertical climbers, then you should definitely start using static handles to get used to the motion and to work on your balance. Once you get used to the movement, you can easily just grab the moving handles and start with amazing and intense full body workout!

How This Machine Produces Resistance?

It’s a bit different equipment in vertical climber family as it doesn’t have a dedicated tool for adjusting the resistance. Your body weight works as the only resistance and it concerns many people in term of effectiveness.

How really effective is Maxi vertical climber?

People who ever climbed the mountain know how exhausting this activity can be! Basically, this climber works on the same principle.

The handles are connected which means while you push leg pedals, you need to pull handles. The person doesn’t do anything different than pulling its body!

Your body weight is the only resistance, but it doesn’t mean you can’t control the pace! Depending on the speed and tempo of your “climbing”, you’re actively in control of the pace. If you really want to have exhaustive training that will leave your muscles burning, try to make your “climbing” faster.

Believe us; you will soon make your pace much slower!

How the climber produces the resistance?

Are there any problems people facing while working out on Maxi climber?

Definitely! People are used to adjustable resistance that machine can provide, but with this one, it’s simply not a case.

People’s main concern is body weight resistance and they often ask is it effective compared to adjusted resistance. Well, for almost any problem, there is a solution!

When people start exercising on Maxi climber they usually feel like their arms and legs don’t work out on even intensity. The reason is that one of these two muscle groups is stronger which means the weaker group needs to work harder. For instance, if you feel that your legs work out more, simply put your arms on a static handle and work on your leg muscles more.

Advanced athletes complain about the intensity and level of resistance. They complained that Maxi vertical climber simply doesn’t produce enough resistance for a quality total body training. First of all, you should have in mind the fact that this climber is more a cardio machine than the machine that will build the muscles.

Second, there are many “tips & tricks” you can use to increase the resistance. If you’re following this guide and reading everything in details, by now, you will know that this equipment works on the principle that your body weight is the only resistance.

What could happen if you increase your body weight? You get the point!

We’re talking about putting some extra weight on you in the form weight vests or wrist weights. That way, your muscles will work harder to overcome the resistance!

Believe us; there is no way that you won’t feel extremely exhaustion and burn in your muscles after working out for a certain time on Maxi climber!

Lightweight Design That Won’t Take Much Space

A lightweight design is the crucial feature for home exercise equipment

If you’re looking for a home workout equipment that will provide you with effective training, but at the same time, won’t take a whole room in space, then stop looking! Maxi climber exercise machine is a lightweight, portable and it won’t take much space! Also, once you’re done with the workout, you can simply fold it and put it aside.

The shipping dimensions are:

  • 52″ x 6″ x 9″ (L x W x H)

The assembled dimensions are:

  • 36″ x 27″ x 79″ (D x W x H)

The folded dimensions are:

  • 16″ x 27″ x 72″ (D x W x H)

When you combine dimensions with the weight that is only 33 lbs, you can say without any doubt that Maxi climber fits any home!

Some people worry if ceiling height will be suitable for this machine. Well, the standard ceiling height is 8.0′ and the majority of buildings require a ceiling that is higher than 7.0′. The vertical machine fits just fine if your ceiling is higher than 7.0′, so you don’t need to worry, it will fit your home!

Construction Gives You a Comfort and Stability You Need for Home Workout

The whole machine is made of durable cold-rolled steel that provides you with extra durability, but at the same time, the machine won’t be too heavy so that you could move it around.

Many users reported the smooth motion while working out which is one of the most important aspects when it comes to climbing machines. The climbing motion or connection between legs and hands is derived through durable cable. Depending on the user who works out on the machine, the cable can last even for five years.

Maxi climber is ergonomically built, and once you start working on it, you will simply feel the smoothness and fluidity of the motion.

Sturdy construction is crucial if you plan to use Maxi vertical climber for years to come

When we did comprehensive research on reviews people who bought the Maxi climber, we came to an interesting conclusion. The majority of people use this machine for at least 15 minutes per session. It’s very important that machine is built for your body type and that you feel comfortable while exercising. Again, Maxi climber achieves goals!

The handles (static and dynamic) are packed with isometric nonstick grips for extra comfort. Also, you can adjust the height of handles.

That feature provides you with a level of personalization as you can adjust the machine to fit you!

Non-slippery pads improve the stability of climber machine which is very crucial as you don’t want to experience any movement during your workout. Even the slightest movement can result in injury!

The durable steel can handle 240 lbs on the paper, but there are cases where people who weigh 260 lbs used the machine for many years without problems. However, when it comes to height, you should be more careful as the climber is most suitable for users that are in the range from 5’11” to 6’4″. Even people who’re taller than 6″2′ coped with the comfort of the climber during work out.

We would say that the weight limit Maxi climber can handle ranges from 200 – 260 lbs. Don’t exceed this limit if you’re planning to put additional weight on you to increase the resistance!

Multifunctionality of Monitor Display

Maxi climber comes with a calorie counter which isn't the most effective counter in the world, but still does the job.

To track workouts and progress, you need to have an accurate display with basic functions. The Maxi climber comes with the control panel, but the accuracy is questionable.

The basic monitor enables you to track:

  • Time of workout session
  • Session step count
  • Total step count
  • Burned calories

The monitor helps you in keeping the track of your current workout and progress. It is positioned near static handles which makes it a bit harsh to read the numbers in the middle of the workout. To read the numbers, you should stop with your workout and check the numbers. That’s the main reason people decide to use smartphones when tracking time and other metrics.

When it comes to calorie counter, it’s a bit inaccurate as it doesn’t require you to put any inputs. Once you start with work out, the calorie counter will automatically start tracking burned calories. If you’re into fitness, then you’d know that to measure burned calories during the workout you need different inputs like age, weight and current heart rate. For that cause, it’s better to use a smartphone.

The tracking monitor won’t provide you with much accurate information, but you can get a general idea of your workout progress.

If you’re looking to track your results and get detailed and more accurate data, then it’s advisable to use pedometer or application on your smartphone.

90% Pre-Assembled Climber

Assembling is very straightforward as the climber comes 90% pre-assembled

Maxi climber comes 90% pre-assembled in the package which means you won’t lose much time to set it up and start working out. The whole assembly process won’t take you much time as the assembly instructions are very detailed and easy to follow.

Also, many videos serve as tutorials for people who’re more comfortable following the video materials than written instructions.

It’s important that you put the climber on a firm and stable surface when starting with the assembly process.

How to Use Maxi Climber for the Best Results?

Using Maxi climber is very straightforward. Once you assemble the machine, you’re ready to jump on it and start burning the excessive fat.

The machine basically mimics the mountain climbing movement where the legs and arms work together against the resistance of your body weight. The only thing that differentiates Maxi vertical climber and real mountain climbing is the security of course and two modes of working out.

You can change between full body workout and leg workout as the climber comes with static handles where you can put your hands. It’s awesome feature as many people who’re new to climbing movement will experience uneven muscle development.

Maxi climber benefits - sculpt a fit and healthy body in few months of regular usage

What does it mean? Well, it’s possible that your upper and lower body muscles aren’t balanced regarding strength. The more common scenario is that your leg muscles are more developed, which means your arms will get exhausted faster. That’s the reason for these static handles.

So, how to use Maxi climber for real results?

It’s basically a cardio machine, which means it won’t build up your strength levels or muscles. It will give you a certain boost, but you need to combine climbing exercising with strength training.

The best way to notice the results fast is to train with high intensity or often called HIIT workout. It means a lot of exercises with small periods of rest. Our advice is to combine small intervals of climbing exercises with basic bodyweight movement. That way, you make sure that you work on your stamina, endurance, fat loss, but at the same time strength and muscle building.

Incredible Benefits of Training on Maxi Climber?

Working out regularly on Maxi climber has many benefits including:

  • improved muscle tone
  • enhanced fat loss
  • leaner leg muscles
  • firm and well-formed booty
  • lean arms and shoulders
  • sculpted abdominal muscles
  • enhanced levels of stamina and endurance

It’s just amazing how working out on single equipment from the comfort of your home can affect your health and well-being. You don’t need to use the machine for hours per day!

The interesting information is that 1-hour workout on Maxi climber burns as twice as many calories than walking on a treadmill. For instance, working out on the climber machine will burn around 500 calories, while walking on a treadmill at 3mph speed will only burn 200 calories. It’s a very effective climber in losing that extra weight and fat from your body.

The machine will provide you with an intense workout. You can do a complete home workout in less than 30 minutes for the best results. Want to know how?

30-Minutes Maxi Climber Full Body Workout for Fat Loss

An example of an effective maxi climber full body workoutIf you’re looking to burn as much fat as possible while working on your strength, then you’ll like this home workout!

The 30-minutes full body workout:

  • 5 minutes of full-body climbing
  • 30 push-ups (you can combine different types of push-ups and complete 30 repetitions in few sets)
  • 5 minutes of leg climbing
  • 30 bodyweight squats
  • 4 minutes of full-body climbing
  • 30 leg raises on the floor
  • 3 minutes of leg climbing
  • 20 pull-ups (you can combine different types of pull-ups and complete 20 repetitions in few sets)

Don’t forget to finish a workout with the 10-minute stretching session!

To be able to finish this killer bodyweight workout, make sure to check high-quality pull-up bar for the doorway.

If you don’t have a pull-up bar, you can remove pull-ups from the list, but that way you won’t actively target the whole body.

Read – 10 Health Benefits of Pull Up Bar Workout

Anyway, if you buy the Maxi climber from Amazon, you’ll get chart sheet for tracking your progress and 21-day challenge specially designed workout program for beginners.

Where to Buy Maxi Climber for Your Home Workout?

The climber is widely available in many online stores as well as huge chains like Walmart. We advise you to get your Maxi climber through Amazon if you’re looking to get the best price from reliable retail.

However, if your weight is around 250lbs and height around 6’2″, we advise checking the product in physical stores so you could try it before buying. That way, you could be sure if the climber will provide you with the comfortable workout.

What Users Think About Working Out on This Climbing Machine?

It’s always important to check the user’s feedback before buying any product online, right?

We did comprehensive research on user’s reviews to see the pros and cons of this climber. At the time of writing this Maxi climber review, there were more than 2,000 user’s reviews on Amazon with the average of 4.0 from 5.0 stars.

After reading and analyzing many reviews, it’s easy for us to recommend you this climber for effective home workout machine!

Some satisfied users said something like, “When you use this machine you get really good results!”, and “Fantastic exercise bang for the buck.”, and, “With 30 minutes a day to begin with I feel great after my workout!”

There are also some complaints about this climber, so it’s crucial to include the other face of the coin too. Some dissatisfied users said, “Definitely not for tall people!”, and, “Caused me series of ligament and tendon injuries!”

It’s important to say that these reviews are subjective, but still, these give you a clear picture of Maxi vertical climber!

How to Get the Cheapest Price for Maxi Climber?

After doing a comprehensive analysis of different places to buy this machine, we conclude that Amazon offers the lowest price along with free shipping.

If you decide to get your machine online, we can’t advise Amazon more! It’s reliable company with many years in business. They also have responsive customer service that will help you with any questions you may have.

For less than $200 you get a full-body workout climber machine suitable for intensive workouts from your home.

Final Verdict?

In general, this vertical climber is a very cheap but effective home exercise equipment

You just reached the end of this comprehensive Maxi climber review. We provided you with all features and aspects of the product. Also, you read customer feedback on the machine to get the better understanding of quality in general.

In our opinion, this climber is a very good deal for people who just started working out, but don’t have time or money to go to the gym. You’ll need a lot of discipline to stick to home, but as soon as you see the first results, we believe it won’t be that hard to invest 30-minutes per day!

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