ProSource Multi Grip Pull Up Bar Review

Here's the comprehensive product guide on a multi grip pull up bar. Train from your home and get yourself in a serious shape.

ProSource Multi Grip Pull Up Bar is possibly one of the best equipment for a home workout you can have in your home. After you’ve finished your workout, you can just put this bar aside. This product is a multi-grip pull-up bar which means it allows you 12 different grips and hand positions. Build your upper body to perfection, doing a different of pull ups using this multi-purpose pull-up bar.

Features and Specifications:

Versatility It’s suitable for doing almost any variation of pull up known to a man. With 12 different grips, it becomes relatively easy to build your upper body muscles fast. No matter how wide is your doorway you’ll be able to perform a king of upper body exercises – wide pull up.

Price When you look at features and price, it’s easy to say this is a cheap pull up bar for everyone’s home.

Weight Capacity It’s made from high-quality steel, so there shouldn’t be any problem when it comes to weight capacity. The manufacturer is confident this multi-grip pull-up bar can hold up to 300 lbs or even more. This feature makes this bar suitable for any home and athlete.

Easy to Install You can install this product on almost any doorway, but be sure to measure it before buying this beast. A doorway must be 24″ – 36″ wide. Detailed instructions are included in the packet, and whole installation process won’t take you more than 30 minutes.

Dimensions It’s very portable pull up bar, so you don’t need to worry, it’ll make you a lot of your space. The dimensions are: 44 x 10.5 x 2 inches. You can put this bar aside when you’re done with your workout.

Grips 12 padded foam grips that provide you with different variations of pull ups, including chin-ups, wide pull ups, hammer pull ups and much more.

✓ Easy to install

✓ Weight capacity

✓ 12 different grip positions

✓ Portability

✓ Price

✗ It may leave a minor damage to a doorway

✗ It doesn’t allow dynamic pull ups or other movements

✗ It’s a bit hard task to find a perfect fitting doorway for this bar

Final Thoughts on ProSource Multi Grip Pull Up Bar

ProSource Multi Grip Pull Up Bar is perfect for people who want to train from your home each day.

It’s a perfect bar for home workouts as the installation process is pretty easy and the bar can fit almost any doorway. Another great thing is that you’ll be able to do many pull up variations as you can pick between 12 different grips.

This doorway pulls up bar is one of the best bars in this category because of its features. For a relatively small monetary investment, you get a functional and portable equipment that is suitable for a full body workout at your home. This product isn’t called multi-grip pull up bar without reason.

It enables an athlete to change and adjust the grip and pull up variation. You can choose between 12 different grips. That pull up bar is easy to install and use, since you get very detailed instructions on the package. The only minor disadvantage is scratched on a doorway after continuous using of this equipment.

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ProSource Multi Grip Pull Up Bar Review
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