Marketing Scholarship

EasyBuyerGuide offers a scholarship for affiliate marketing students in the USA.

We are EasyBuyerGuide, an online marketing business promoting many major organizations around the world. We’d like to provide one student with the financial help in the form of scholarship and our mentorship. We firmly believe in sharing and helping young people who have a passion for starting out their own business after initial education stage.

There are many students with the talents, but not enough financial aid to support their ideas. Because the perspective we share, we are offering financial aid to one student who is chasing a marketing or business field. This is the first time we’re doing this kind of assistance and we’re hoping to meet innovative and creative individuals who’re sharing the same passion as we do.


  • You must be a student enrolled in business or marketing university and live in the USA
  • Full-time student who is chasing a degree in marketing, business, economics or similar field
  • Only one application per student is allowed

Application Requirements:

  • Complete the form below with all the information required
  • Write a short essay no longer than 200 words explaining why should you get the scholarship
  • Write an essay up to 1500 words describing your favorite product you’re using/used
  • Proof of acceptance or enrollment in the college/university

Entry Requirements:

If you want to apply for the scholarship successfully, there are following requirements:

Write an original essay up to 1500 words about a product you used in the past and had a positive experience. The essay should have the following structure:

  • Introduction to the product
  • Key features of the product
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusion

Wrap up everything in 1500 words. Please take your time to do a proper research before sending the essay. The writing style should be informative and persuasive. Please explain us through the essay why you loved the product.

Students who deliver the best piece of content will be awarded $1,000 scholarship that can be applied to cover the education fees. Content must be original as we’re looking for really creative and innovative work here.

Send the following details to

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • College/University
  • Field of study
  • Essay up to 200 words explaining why you’re the right person for this scholarship
  • Product review essay of 1500 words

Judged On:

  • Creativity of a short essay that is describing your passion and why do you believe you’re the right person for this scholarship
  • Quality of essay that is describing the product you loved to use
  • Persuasiveness and quality of content


Total Award: $1,000 to one student

Form of Award: Check to your address

Winner Announcement: Winner will be notified by personal email and on our scholarship page


July 1st, 2018

The winner will get notified the next day with all the details and further process. We’ll pick the best product essay and publish it on the site. The winner will get an offer to work with us on the project and have a stable income as a financial supplement through education period.

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