Things You MUST Know Before Getting a Vertical Climber Machine

VErtical climber machine guide

There are many climber machines on the market right now. It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of climber machine variations. Nevertheless, the vertical climber machine stands out from the pack.

What is a vertical climber machine? It is a machine that mimics the motion of climbing. Climbing is a physically-intense activity that involves pressure on lower and upper body. It serves as an excellent cardio and core body workout.

Well, with a vertical climber machine, you can have that workout in the comfort of your home!

In this informative guide, we’re going full in-depth for you, to explain why vertical climber is the most effective climber machine. There are numerous advantages you can gain from them, for your mind and your body, but most importantly, your wallet.

Let’s begin!

What is a Vertical Climber?

What is a vertical climber?

To fully understand why this climber machine is so useful, we need to know how it functions. What it does is simulate rock climbing and mountain climbing. For that, you need to use your upper and lower body.

Its build is also simple, so learning how to use it should be no problem!

You just place your feet on the climber’s pegs which will support your legs while doing your exercise. The handles are there for you to hold onto, and by positioning yourself like that, the vertical climber will simulate climbing.

By lifting your arms and legs at the same time, and alternating both sides, you are virtually climbing a steep surface. Because it works your whole body, it’s no wonder that vertical climber machine has the highest recorded calorie burn per minute.

It burns two times more calories than a treadmill. That means that you’ll burn about 600 calories (which also considerably depends on your overall fitness level) in 20 minutes.

This is a number that proves that it is very efficient in its simulation of climbing.  Professional athletes and even firefighters use vertical climber machines, who have recognized the benefits of them.

Why to Buy a Vertical Climber Machine?

Why would you spend more money if you can get more for less money? That’s what vertical climbers are all about. You can get a vertical climber on an average 200$ price tag, while, for example, treadmills are closer to the 1000$ price tag.

If you desire to burn more calories, then vertical climbers are the most effective for less price. Staying fit with these machines is incredibly simple and fun!

When you use these machines, you use your upper and lower body, as well as your core muscles. That means that you’re doing an intensive cardio training that will improve your general well-being as well as increasing your strength.

It contributes to the lean muscle mass build as it burns your fat at high speed. That means that you can sculpt your entire body without the need to pay for a gym membership!

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What about the safety of these climber machines? Well, vertical climbers are specifically designed to have a low impact on your muscle to prevent injuries. That also helps in making workout sessions on these machines more effective.

Of course, you save much time while using vertical climber machines. You don’t need to go to the gym for a workout as you already have a vertical climber, a great piece of exercise equipment, in the comfort of your home. While it may discourage some to go out and climb a real hill, not everyone has access to that kind of terrain.

What makes vertical climber the best climber machine is the amount of space it needs. You can place it anywhere you desire in your house, and it weighs averagely 20 kilograms. Lightweight, and compact. A perfect combination, isn’t it?

The simple build of the vertical climber machine ensures that it is simple to use for anyone, even children. That’s right; no one is too young or too old for a little bit of workout. You can quickly assemble and disassemble it as it is made to be simple to use and maintain.

Vertical Climber Benefits for Your Body

Benefits of working out on vertical climber

Vertical climbers and other climber machine variants share one thing in common. They all emulate real climbing but with one extra advantage. These machines save more time for you and are less dangerous than real climbing.

What’s cool is that they all provide the same benefits you would get from real climbing!

Climber workout machine is the most efficient and the most effective cardio exercise machine. Vertical climber machines are starting to become one of the most popular out of the bunch, and this is why:

1) It burns calories!

Vertical climber machine is one of the best cardio-burning exercise equipment. It utilizes the largest muscle groups in your body. You are pulling your own bodyweight, which is a great exercise to burn some calories.

They will utilize your upper body muscles so that you will get a bit bulkier while burning calories. You can burn a crazy huge number of calories when you exercise with the vertical climber because it utilizes all muscle groups in your body.

It is good to note that it is twice more efficient in doing that than a more expensive treadmill.

2) It is an efficient cardio machine!

When you work out with a vertical climber, you’ll use a lot of your oxygen. That’s because you’re using all of your muscles. These exercises are great for improving your general condition (you will have more stamina!).

Your cardiovascular health will be improved a lot if you use a climber machine in your home.

If you have a higher heart rate, then it will even have better benefits for you! You see, your heart rate is the crucial factor for calorie burning. The thing you need to know: higher heart rate – more calories burned!

3) Decreases fat and builds lean muscle!

Reduce body fat fast and build muscles effectively

While doing a vertical climber workout, you’ll lift your entire body weight. Repeatedly do the same movement, and you’ll start to notice some benefits.

You will gain more lean muscle mass and shed off the fat from your body. This is hugely beneficial to everyone who wants to stay in top condition.

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Climbing will also hit your mid-body muscle section. Your core muscles, abs, and lower back also work when lifting your body weight. That means that you will burn even more fat into lean muscle.

So, the key to this vertical climber benefit is that it utilizes both your upper and lower body muscles in one continuous rep!

4) Huge time saver!

Studies have shown that vertical climber machines are two times more efficient at burning your calories and improving your heart rate than other climber machines.

That means that you can easily incorporate this exercise into your general schedule, even if it’s packed with things to do. Vertical climber machine will give you the same benefits and results you would get from other climber machines in half the time.

With them, you will save more time, and for a bonus, you will burn more calories and fat in less time.

5) Use less force

These machines will use less power than running, the most popular form of exercise. The first thing you can notice: they have a much lesser impact because you aren’t using your legs on an inappropriate terrain.

Running uphill will initiate much less force on your knees and hip joints, as studies have proved it. That is excellent news for people with arthritis, or knee and hip pain problems.

We can conclude that vertical climber exercise is more efficient than running. You can do this exercise for prolonged periods of time because the force on your joints will be far less than running.

As it provides the same workout in half the time, it also provides half the impact on your muscle joints.

6) More convenient

You know that it isn’t THAT simple to just go out and climb a real hill. People often have no access to these kinds of places. It usually involves a user having to drive to the hill, and if privacy is in your mind, then what better place for it than your home?

If your goal is to work out, then this machine will be much more convenient because you won’t have to face the obstacles specified above.

The real reason why these workout machines are more convenient than real climbing is in that you will have to descend the stairs or the hill. This will apply even more force on your muscle joints, and that will just negate most of the benefits you would gain from the climbing exercise.

7) Simple to use!

It's very simple and convenient to use vertical climbers.

Vertical climber machines are very intuitive and easy to use. This feature makes them an ideal choice for people of every age and fitness level. You just need to have a motivation to stay in great shape!

The best thing about vertical climbers is their simplicity. With them, you will have zero worries about using them unproperly. You also don’t have to worry about your form, because you are lifting your bodyweight. That means that this machine will adapt to your body weight and that’s an assuring way to stay fit.

If you have bad form, you can easily injure yourself while doing an exercise like running or rowing. Climber machines, in general, avoid that because they are designed in a way to offer longer exercise times for their users.

A vertical climber is a fitness machine with a low risk of injury, thanks to the simplistic design and way to use it.

Why is It Better Than Other Climbing Machines?

The thing that separates vertical climbers from other climbing exercise equipment is the utilization of the major body muscles. With it, you’ll exercise your upper and lower body.

That way, you’re getting more for less money, as vertical climbers are simplistic in design, cheap, but very useful when it comes to the goal of staying in excellent body shape.

This makes it the best climber machine you can currently find on the market, as it will produce the same results in the least amount of time. Getting a vertical climber saves you money and time!

How to Choose the Best Vertical Climber?

Now that we know what vertical climber exercise machine is, we should now go over the main features of them. These features can make or break a deal, so knowing about them before going for a buy is very important.

Let’s begin:

Crucial Features

Dimensions of vertical climber are of critical value.

The first thing you need to know before buying is the crucial features of a vertical climber. Most of them are very similar but have these little quirks that separate them from the rest of the bunch.

All consumers have particular wants when it comes to vertical climbers. Getting yourself informed about these features is very important. That way, you can choose the ideal vertical climber machine based on the characteristics that emphasize on your needs.


How to operate it? You just put your arms on the handles and legs on the pegs. Then you lift your arms and legs at the same time. A vertical climber is very simple to operate and provides excellent results per se.

For this machine to function, you need to use both your arms and legs, unlike the stepper machine, for example (you just need to use your legs). That goes in handy for the vertical climber machines, as they will work your whole body while operating them.


The vertical climber is a body weight machine.What does that mean?

That means that you cannot adjust the resistance settings as the only resistance this machine comes to is your own body weight. Even though you cannot change the resistance levels, that doesn’t mean that this machine is less efficient than others.

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Quite on the contrary, as you’re lifting your own body weight, and that is pretty exhausting so you’ll definitely see results!

The difficulty level greatly depends on your general strength; some will have more problems if their legs aren’t strong enough etc. What’s important is that you have a degree of adjustability with vertical climber machines.

You can climb at slower paces if you wish to workout for more extended periods of time, or, climb at a higher pace if you’re up for a short, but efficient workout.


All vertical climbers have handles. They are categorized in moving and stationary handles.

The moving handles will move at the same time as foot pedals. That means when the left foot pedal is stepping down; the left handle also does the same. This is the core part of the climbing simulation process.

Some vertical climbers have stationary handles. These are mainly used to give your arms a rest during intensive training sessions. They can really come in handy for sure!

Build Quality

The material quality of the climber machine is very significant. You’re going to use it a lot, after all, so you want to be sure that it won’t break in a short amount of time.

Vertical climber exercise machine features a lightweight design complemented with the durability of the steel material. That means that they will stay in the comfort of your home for a long time.

As the machine itself is lightweight, that means that it is sturdy and elegantly moves its mechanisms.


This factor is important, as you want maximum comfort when working out your upper and lower body. Some climber machines even feature grips on their handles to maximize the comfort.

Also, as the material of the build is lightweight and high-quality, the movements of the machine are smooth. That ensures optimal workout experience for the user.


Vertical climbers are designed to fit all households. You can easily store it in your living room as they are mostly 25-30 inches wide.

Their dimensions also allow users to store these machines in a closet or under the bed. Some problems may occur with machine support bases. For example, if a climber machine has a U-shaped support base, that means that it will have more height when laying down on the floor.

Some machines are even more accessible to store, thanks to the pin installations to the middle bar, which makes that process much simpler.


Of course, it is important to know that most vertical climber machines are designed with height adjustments in mind. That’s what makes them perfect for any body type.

Some vertical climbers will be less suitable for taller people, as you could hit your knee on the stationary bar. Nevertheless, you can still do an effective workout without doing the full step.

The weight limit of the machine is also crucial; you don’t want it to break down after you’ve stepped on it. Most vertical climbers can support up to 300 lbs of weight, so that should be sufficient for most users.

Example of Effective Vertical Climber Workout

You can do an effective home workout with vertical climbers

One thing that you need to stick to: be regular. You need to invest your time for a workout at regular intervals if you want to achieve the best results. Start slow, and progressively increase speed once your body gets used to the higher pace.

If you follow the advice of vertical climber manufacturers, the ideal amount would be 10 minutes, thrice per week. That’s 30 minutes a week. It evidently doesn’t take up much of your time.

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If you want to increase results, you can add more weight to your bodyweight, just be careful that you don’t exceed the machine’s weight limit.

The most effective workout with a vertical climber machine can be achieved by alternating between short and long-range strokes:

  • Start with moderately paced long-range strokes to warm up.
  • After warming up, start by doing short-range strokes moderately.
  • Do 30-second breaks; they will cool you down!
  • Gradually increase the stroke speed after each break!
  • Switch the stroke range after every break!

That’s it! You can incorporate these five steps into your schedule and adjust the workout time to your liking. Just remember, do it minimally for 30 minutes a week if you want to see results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions?

Now that we have run over some general things that you can expect from vertical climber machines, it’s time to give answers to some frequent questions users ask when deciding to buy a vertical climber machine!

Q. Where to Buy Vertical Machine for Home Workout?

Of course, you may be wondering where can you actually buy a vertical climber? There could be a big-box retailer that is selling one of them in the fitness department, so checking them out is an okay decision.

Big-box retailers often use holidays or similar occasions to put vertical climbers and other exercise machines for sale. More often, you will find them priced higher than on Amazon or similar sites.

We recommend buying vertical climbers from these sites, as you will get them directly from the manufacturer, with no need to pay more for retailer shipping costs.

Also, it is much easier to find a vertical climber for sale online!

Q. Why is Vertical Climber the Best Workout for Your Body?

Vertical climber machines have the upper hand compared to the other climber machines because of one key feature. Handles allow users to incorporate their upper body muscles in a workout session, along with your lower body.

It functions like a stepper, with that one essential addition.

That makes them great calorie burners, as you’re exercising your whole body. This workout will truly push you to your limits in 30 minutes, and you can expect results in less amount of time.

They are also more sturdy than elliptical machines so that the transitions will be smooth and without risk of knee injuries.


Final words on vertical climbers

We know that it isn’t fun to research on vertical climber machines. There are many vertical climber reviews out there, and our goal was to sum them up in one coherent whole to make that research more fun and more organized!

Buying a vertical machine is a smart investment, and getting informed is crucial.

We hope that you got to know more about the vertical climber machines with our informative guide, as you will now be able to find the right vertical climber with our vertical climbing machine reviews!

Things You MUST Know Before Getting a Vertical Climber Machine
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Things You MUST Know Before Getting a Vertical Climber Machine
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