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Titan Fitness Pull Up Bar Product Guide

Titan Fitness Pull up bar full product review is here. Read it and find out why many people are using this powerful equipment for their home workout.

Today, we want to introduce you with the unique wall mounted pull up bar – Titan Fitness Pull Up Bar. This one is a solid and sturdy pull up bar for every athlete. You won’t be disappointed while using this bar because it is a dream of every athlete.

Listen very closely now. You can perform almost every upper-body exercise known to a man. Our favorite thing about this bar is that you can easily perform muscle ups. Did you hear it? You can perform muscle ups in your home whenever you want.

I have this beast in my garage, and this beast has been serving me since my beginnings with training.

I’m pleased with Titan Fitness Pull Up Bar that I want to share my review with you.

Features and Specifications

  • Capacity up to 500 lbs
  • Easy to set it vertically or horizontally, depending on your space
  • Can be mounted on concrete walls or wood
  • Height adjustability
  • Weighs 35 lbs
  • Length of the bar is 53 inches

 Sturdy product

 Durable product

 Different setup possible

 Possible to add additional equipment

 Versatile product

 Good price

 Wide grips

 Handles weight

 Possible tricky setup

 Need to have specific space for bar

 Product is not portable

Customer Reviews and Scores

Great wall mounted pull up bar for the very low price.

The Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is our first choice when it comes to pulling up bars. A lot of people are using doorway pull up bars. Those bars are great, but you can’t compare it with this beast. Once you mount it on your wall, it won’t go anywhere. You don’t need to worry about slipping or falling. That is not a case with Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar.

I found 37 customer reviews on at the time of writing this reviews and customers awarded the Titan Fitness Pull Up Bar with 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The majority of real buyers awarded this product with 4 or 5 stars. The exact number is 84%. Only a minority of customers have some bad experiences, not with the pull-up bar, but with delivery and set up.

Let’s see what some pleased customers said about this product. One customer said, “Don’t waste your $ buying the Rogue bars these are as good. I’m a fitness pro take it from me.” Other buyer said, “Well made, very solid piece. Works great in the garage.”

Other buyers who awarded this product with 3 or fewer stars weren’t pleased with delivery and bar setup. One unsatisfied buyer said, “The parts don’t fit together.”

The customer reviews are positive overall, and it is easy for me to recommend you the Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is the best buy pull up bar for a little budget. If you don’t plan to spend a fortune on a home gym equipment then, this bar is a perfect choice for you. For less than 100$, you’ll get a complete gym for your home workouts. This bar is safe and durable. We like to say – once you buy it, it will last forever.

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