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Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

You want to perform a full body workout in your home, but you don’t have enough money or space for fitness equipment that suits your needs? There is no place nor time for worrying. Today we will introduce you to the great equipment that you can put anywhere in your home – Ultimate Body Press wall mounted pull up bar.

The Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar is a great and versatile equipment for everyone’s home. This product has small dimensions, and it’s suitable for a full body workout.

You don’t have a gym nearby?

No more excuses, with this product you’ll be able to perform a full body workout in your house whenever you want. Sounds great?

We like this bar so much because it is a small dimensions item and it’s suitable bar for every home. We’d like to share our review of this product with you.

Features and Specifications

Here’s the comprehensive product guide on Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar. Read it and start work out on your body now.
  • Pull up bar, and parallel grips are included in the package as well as mounting hardware and installation instructions
  • Grips are made from padded foam
  • Sturdy and heavy steel construction
  • A high quality pull up bar that is designed for full-body home workout
  • Bar is 42″ wide
  • Suitable for four grip positions
  • 14″ wall to bar and 21″ wall to padded foam grips

 Sturdy product

 High-quality materials

 Good price

 Easy installation

 4 grips positions

 Possible issues with bolt hole sizes

 Bar is too narrow for tall people

Recommnend to install above doors

Our Thoughts About The Product

The thing that I like a lot about this product is its elegance which makes it very easy to use and not to damage your hand skin. Usually, my skin gets calluses if I don’t use my workout gloves. With this pull up bar it is a different story and I am able to workout without gloves and still not damage my hands.

It is not a heavy product and wall installation is very easy. Definitely, recommend this product to everyone who thinks they need some indoor workout equipment.

Customer Reviews and Scores

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Easy installation, and even easier use. Perfect product for an indoor workout.

The Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar’s main feature is high-quality steel construction and versatility. For less than 100$, you’ll get the best wall mounted pull up bar that is suitable for full body home workout. Also, once you install this item, it won’t go anywhere. It’s very sturdy.

I found 373 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, and customers awarded the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar with 4.5 out of 5 stars which are pretty high for a pull-up bar.

Exactly 87% of buyers awarded this product with four or five stars, and only a minority of customers has some bad experiences using this product.

Some of the pleased buyers said, “Very sturdy, a great addition to a workout room.” and, The BEST pull-up/chin-up bar out there!” and, “Durable and easy to assemble.”

Let’s look some reviews from buyers who were not pleased with this product. One dissatisfied customer said, “Bolts bent when installed on the wall.” Other buyers said, “Returned it.” and, “OMG you have to wonder who engineered this thing.”

It is always smart to check other people satisfaction about the product, but from what we saw, we are sure it is worth it putting a product on the list of recommendations.


In summary, it’s a great addition to your home workout equipment, even if you don’t have much space in your home. This product is suitable for everyone’s home because of its small dimensions. Price is also really fair for a high-quality pull-up bar.

Most actual buyers are pleased with this product, and only a minority of buyers has something negative to say about the installation and bolts. I have experienced the same issues, but you can solve them very quickly.

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