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Which Home Pull Up Bar Should You Choose?

Here is a detailed explanation which home pull up bar should you choose and why. Start with your home workouts today and don’t make any more excuses.

So you’ve been looking for the home pull up bar, but you’re not certain yet which one should you choose. That’s a common confusion and I understand your position. I’ve been there and done that.

In this article, I will explain a difference between two types of pull up bars and show you which one is a better option for your home workouts.

I’ve been doing a bodyweight training for more than three years and I had a chance to work on different types of equipment. A lot of my friends who wanted to start with training asked me which pull up bar should they buy? A wall mounted or a portable pull up bar? That’s the common question within the online community and I’ll try to answer this question with substantiated facts and knowledge from experience.

What is a Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar?

As the name says, it is a bar that is mounted on the wall and by using a mounting hardware you put it on a wall “permanently.” You can’t just move it away after you’re done with your workout. It does some damage to your wall because to fix it on a wall you need to drill the holes for screws which support the bar. That’s a pretty basic you need to be aware to proceed with reading this article.

What is a Doorway Pull Up Bar?

It’s a portable pull up bar which you mount on a doorway and after your session, you can remove it from a doorway and put wherever you want. The installation of these bars is pretty straight forward and won’t take you much time. Also, it can do minor damage to your doors and doorway after some time of usage.

By now you should get an idea what these two types of pull up bars are. Now, I will list the key features of each type.

Key Features of Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Durability and Sturdiness: These bars are pretty durable and sturdy because you fix them on the wall. Also, the majority of these bars are made from a solid steel because manufacturers have in mind the possibility of doing workouts with additional weight. It won’t move or swing during workouts, so you practically avoid injuries with this feature.

Weight Capacity: In general, wall mounted pull up bars have a higher weight capacity among different types of pull up bar. The average weight capacity of this type of bars ranges between 300 and 600 lbs. Even if you think that won’t be enough for you, don’t worry because these bars can hold much more than the manufacturer said.

The width of the bar: This is a major feature to check before buying a wall mounted pull up bar because it gives you the opportunity to perform more exercises. You want the bar to be wider and average width of these types of the bar is between 38“ – 50“. Remember, the wider, the better.

Installation: It is relatively easy to assemble these bars because with every bar you’ll get detailed installation instructions that are pretty straight forward. The harder part of this process is fixing the bar on the wall, but with proper mounting hardware and space that becomes a piece of cake.

Versatility: It is suitable for doing a full upper-body workout. If your home has a high ceiling, you can even do muscle ups and straight bar dips which will do wonders to your body in a no time.

Space: Some of these bars are massive, so you’ll need more free space to use them.

Price: Price ranges from 50$ – 150$. It is not true that cheaper bars are worth nothing. These are more expensive than door frame pull up bars, but if you’re looking for equipment that will last forever, it’s the way to go.

Key Features of Doorway Pull Up Bar

Versatility: It is very versatile equipment because you can move it around. You can train pull ups on a doorway one moment, and the next moment you can put it on the floor and do different variations of push ups. The list of exercises you can perform with doorway pull up bar is relatively long. Use your imagination and you’ll be okay.

Low price: When I compare the price of these type of bars with other types, these are by far the cheapest. A doorway pull up bar offers a great list of features for as low as 30$.

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar is a perfect example of money/feature ratio.

Portability: Very portable equipment because of its small dimensions. You can use it on a doorway or floor. After you’re done with workout just put it under the bed, in the closet or wherever you want.

Installation: It is straightforward to assemble this bar. It’ll take about 20 minutes for installation and you’re ready to go.

Dimensions: A portable home pull up bar is adorned with small size, so it’ll do the job in every home. You just need a proper doorway to mount this bar and that’s it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

 Weight capacity




 Width of the bar

 Easy installation


 Space taken

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doorway Pull Up Bar




 Easy installation


 Extra padded grips

 Weight capacity


 Width of the bar

Which Home Pull Up Bar is Better?

It depends on many factors, but the most important factor is a free space. Do you have a room or specified place only for workouts? If you can answer positively to this question, then a wall mounted pull up bar is my advice. Otherwise, you should check a doorway pull up bars.

The weight capacity and width of the bar are by far the most important features one pull up bar should have, so pay attention to that too. Anyway, if you’re looking at the long-term picture, a good wall mounted pull up bar is worth every penny and it’ll last forever.

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